Ny’alotha: A Peep into Gifts of Flesh


The third wing of Ny’alotha is called Gifts of Flesh, and it couldn’t be more accurate naming.

With magnificent temples of N’Zoth left behind, we go deep into the very flesh of the Old God. I don’t really understand how people thought Ny’alotha wasn’t epic. Spending 5 bosses (wings 3 and 4) in the mass of flesh and tentacles of an Old God is quite a lot!

Personally I like the aesthetics very much. The body horror has always been naturally disgusting, but at the same time very attractive for me, and running in the Old God’s cavities, surrounded by tumors, body liquids, tentacles, eyes and what not was simply awesome!

Shad’har died simply and without an extra whimper. I don’t actually see how people could wipe here – I guess we will learn that on my next runs :) Or not. Hitting one target is what LFR players do best, and nothing really dangerous happens – even if I got caught in breath a couple of times, it wasn’t even close to being deadly. The idea is to avoid water, a couple of easy void zones, and nuke the boss without any real bother.

Drest’agath – well, that’s where I can see future problems. The general idea is to kill tentacle adds, and only nuke boss when buffed. I was buffed almost all the time, so it didn’t seem scary. It is important to keep balance between both adds and boss, so that tentacles don’t overwhelm you.

Lack of focusing adds may be deadly, but I was surprised how naturally people coped with it. Even if there were no clearly defined phases (“now we nuke adds, now we nuke boss”). It is excellent how you are completely on your own with managing your cooldowns and targeting. Liked this one for that!

Il’gynoth – I didn’t like the appearance solution very much. Of course the body in center looks great on its own, but I simply don’t believe that it’s his organs in the walls – they look like something completely unrelated. The encounter is not my favorite because the field gradually turns into a mess – and by the end you run out of space to walk around.

The encounter idea is a mix of Il’gynoth Legion version and Immerseus – bring him to zero, kill off an organ in the wall, rinse, repeat three times. It’s also important to kill blood blobs and try to spawn the void pools without flooding the field too much. The tactics are perfectly clear and not hard to execute, but it’s a borderline DPS check. I already foresee troubles with that on weekend runs.


After brutal wing 2 with Xanesh’ soccer, Vexiona and Hivemind’s overtuned adds and brutally punishing mechanics, Gifts of Flesh wing seems like catching a breath before the Old God himself. The mechanics are intuitive, simple, not too punishing, provide a lot of personal agency – and this all happens in the most beautiful scenery (yes, I’m that kinky!)

Only Il’gynoth seemed a bit overtuned, but I guess it’s quite common with all the current raid.

So far, my favorite wing in every aspect.

5 thoughts on “Ny’alotha: A Peep into Gifts of Flesh

  1. I do enjoy this wing on normal, including the visuals, but my guild calls it the “butthole” of Ny’alotha, and, well…yeah.

    It’s a fun wing on Normal too – Drest’Agath is a little dull with the way the debuff works and is timed, but the other two are pretty fun. I’m curious how they adapt the two N’Zoth fights to LFR – Carapace has some weird mechanics that will take some community meta-strategy to overcome unless they make it meaningless compared to the higher difficulty modes!


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