Exploring Horrific Visions: Cloak Ranks 1-5


Today’s morning was dedicated to multiple Horrific Visions again – and I’m starting to form the patterns and strategy.

First of all, it seems like you can easily earn 2 or 3 HV runs per week. 4 daily quests in each zone = 2000 essences (250 per quest x 8). So 2k*7 = 14k from dailies alone. Throw in 1500 reward per minor daily vision * 7 = 10500. Throw in assaults – although this is random, I got mementos instead of essences this week.

It all depends on how much time are you ready to spend, although merely an hour of gameplay is quite sufficient to complete all dailies.

Next – Horrific Visions themselves. If you’re fresh, or come with a fresh alt, I suggest you focus on Wrathion’s quest routine not to waste your vessels in vain.

Micromantica was silly enough to try and delve into the deeper vision at cloak rank 4 – Garona in Orgrimmar. It required me 3 tries to figure it out and kill the boss, but I did not manage to complete Thrall during the successful run. And that was my biggest mistake.

Vision map grades into 3 types of zones: the starting one with Alleria/Thrall, then come two zones with bigger sanity drain, and two more zones with maximum drain.

The trick is: your cape is not that powerful on early levels to dig into the further zones. Of course ilvl and skill may help you surpass the requirements, but in general it’s not designed for that!

Here’s how it works. You follow Wrathion’s guidance: you are supposed to complete 4 simple one-boss runs and complete an identical Wrathion’s yellow quest with every run, because the required quest item drops guaranteed exactly from Thrall or Alleria winning chest. For that endeavor, you may upgrade your cape to rank 5, and this is where you get a huge resistance: sanity will drain 40% slower!

At cloak rank 5 Wrathion offers another streak of upgrading quests which will require killing rank two zone bosses. So that’s when you’re supposed to try anything else and dig deeper.

Having figured that out, I’m now burning vessels with confidence and plan: making sure every attempt before cloak rank 5 ends up in killing Thrall/Alleria. With three orbs perk you may easily clear every trash in the first zone on any spec and slay the boss even at cape rank 1 – and that’s what I suggest to do.

With this strategy I’ve burned 3-4 vessels with warlock, hunter, warrior and priest.

Hunter’s was naturally the best run, with insane ranged damage, insta-shots and a pet to tank. Warlock in destruction is a slow caster, so mobility fails her a bit, and warrior has all the drawbacks of melee opposed to ranged.

I was very much surprised that my priest felt very powerful – in her healing Holy spec! Then the secret was solved: when I engaged Thrall, he had 980k health to burn as opposed to damage dealers’ 1400k. So Blizzard thought about healers. Mobs and bosses scale for them, so you can go and be awesome too without feeling crippled.

My plan is the same now – burning vessels for every toon that has them, and then just do HV for any alt that earns enough for the next tries.

Horrific Visions Strategy for Cloak Rank 1-4

  1. Take Wrathion’s quest before every run
  2. Kill as many trash as sanity allows in the first zone
  3. Make sure you have one orb left before Thrall/Alleria – if orbs/sanity allow, dig a bit into other zones. Don’t go too far though or put yourself in danger: it is imperative that you kill Thrall/Alleria by all means.
  4. Kill Thrall/Alleria, collect quest item from the chest and upgrade your cape.
  5. Rinse, repeat.

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