A Morning with N’Zoth and His Ideas of a Perfect Future


With starting questline finally off the grid, I’ve managed to go for the endgame. Yesterday was a small run for the baby egg and Rajani daily errands with Micromantica (FUCK those mantid on the top of the wall!!!), and today’s morning was dedicated solely to exploring Horrific Visions.

I executed 3 runs with Micromantica, and I still had a couple of vessels left when I switched to try with other toons. Spoiler: I’m loving them Visions!

The thing that surprised me is that tech tree actually does not depend on the cape level or vice versa. That is, you spend mementos currency to gain new perks via tech tree, and you spend corrupted cores (or pages? or cores in exchange for pages?) – anyways, the Wrathion quest items to level your cape, and they come from the winning chests. So far it’s a draw: 4 perks opened (I’m obviously investing into solo branch), and cape is level 4.

I’m glad I solved the problem of Cathedral guards pair which are extremely deadly and annoying! First, you can use any available Crowd Control – and with mage’s SHEEP it’s a breeze, it knocks out one of them for a whole minute!

Second, it’s their tentacle attack which will drive you to the ground in no time. To avoid it, you need to understand how it works: they teleport directly behind you and cast it immediately straight forward towards you. So all you need to do is just walk directly backwards immediately after their teleport – even with the reduced speed of going backwards it will suffice! No turns, no strafing, no chaotic movements, and god forbid, no speed buffs, leaps or whatever your class has in sleeve. Thing is, they tend to execute it together with a second interval, so if you move chaotically, then there is a great chance you’ll get caught in a crossfire. No panic, just walk backwards without delay, and you’ll be fine. Works like a charm.

Having figured that out, Alleria is a sure kill nowadays. I want to have at least 75% sanity upon engaging boss (or even less, but 75% is a relaxed mode). So I’m learning to stretch the other orbs across trash. Clearing Cathedral square in full is currently already a routine, and I even try to shove my nose into other quarters.

All in all, the success depends on careful planning and experience – but also tech tree upgrades. Basically you just need to play Horrific Visions, and you’ll succeed!

I’m most excited that I’m growing bold and confident in this whole activity, and rewards are quite cool. Of course you’re trying to maximize them, but knowing that even if you lose you’ll get at least something (and quite a good chunk of something) is very comforting.

The final thing to deduce is the weekly income of vessels aka HV tries. It’s presumed that you can easily have 2-3 tries per week, and that will definitely suffice. So far, I see the routines as that: if you feel like upgrading your alt, go do some assaults, minor visions and dailies and go for you next HV tries. If you’re not a competing player who needs his gears upgraded asap, you can ignore most dailies and be very-very cool with 20 minutes/day for minor vision or none at all, with a couple of hours twice a week for assaults. I don’t know about you, but to me it seems quite alt-friendly.

So… there we go? Daily goals so far seem like this:

  • Micromantica works on reputations and bug egg
  • Burning all available vessels on all alts
  • Pick the alt you feel like needs upgrades or feels fun to play at the moment and do assaults -> more Horrific Visions
  • Have fun!

For something introduced so late in the expansion and a test-drive to the upcoming focal point of Torghast Tower, Horrific Visions seem to be very well developed, executed, quick, fun and adventurous. Yas queen I’m happy with my endgame!

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