Patch 8.3. Day 3: And Now We Can Play?

So, I’ve got the quest to deal with N’Zoth itself, and does this mean the major storyline ends here?

Shared into 2 sessions, it was not too bad or exhausting, and yet I feel relieved that this storyline has come to an end. You see, the problem is that we can not track our progress – and everything that continuous requires it!

Leveling questlines have that. You can track the zone achievement steps, you can track the zone story on your map, and besides, you get the things naturally: when they send you to another quest hub, you feel like you’ve made progress.

Previous patches had the story cut on a weekly basis, so the chunks of it were not too long, and you did not have opportunity to ponder about it.

Yet 8.3. story is quite continuous. I would never like to cut it into weekly pieces, no. Solution? Quest achievement with clearly defined steps. Make it 3-4, it will be enough. Halls of Reorigination – Engine of Nalak’sha – Fighting Corruption – The Last Stand of the Keeper, and we’re good!

Alright, otherwise the lore is great. I liked very much how they tied all the titan machinery lore and Uld-[insert ending] places in one piece – no questions left unanswered. I like how the keepers Ra-Den and MOTHER are capable of tinkering and altering it to fulfil our cause. I liked how N’Zoth was presented – he’s not a funny octopus somewhere there, he’s a very real threat already knocking at our door, and extremely dangerous! I like how Magni and Wrathion are running with us and being active helpers, not just guides. Well done!

Horrific Visions are a subject of research. I somewhow managed to complete the minor one in the Vale, almost died, because I was killing Aysa first and completely missed where the portals are. The big one of Orgrimmar – I barely managed to get to Thrall, and sanity ended. Bloop. I have enough currency for another try, so I’m gonna do try again, also it’s time to delve into the system and read the guides.

I got a side quest in Uldum to travel with a member of Explorers’ League, haven’t completed that yet. I’m glad there will be some extra “yellow” tasks for us.

All in all, I need to settle with my routines, and that’s the goal for the weekend. The general idea is to complete everything yellow on Micromantica, clear at least one day from all available dailies, and then slowly move my other toons forward. I’ll be working on reputations with my main, so that’s the daily priority, and the rest of playing time is gonna be devoted to an alt I feel like playing.

Now take a look at this:


Isn’t this amazing? This all came from just following the major story. Only pants to go, and the goal for cloth toons will be complete! Yes, even without setting foot to the raid itself. So yes, with Ny’alotha live I’ll just focus on weapons, and that’s a relief.

Speaking of transmogs, the long older raid runs WoTLK and further expansions are off until lull, but I plan to finish earlier sets – just for a change of scenery. You know, as you’re tired of cultists and N’Zoth’s eyes, and you have 20 minutes to spare, so you can go and try for a missing transmog. Just a 20-minute adventure, in and out. So yesterday and today I’ve completed warrior’s Ahn’Kiraj, and also finalized Sunwell for warrior and paladin! Sunwell was the most important one, because now I was able to finalize the vulpera:


Busy days await us!

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