Visions of N’Zoth Survival Guide

The 8.3. patch survival guide summarizes all the major PTR leaks as usual, and provides the visuals for them. As the new features were previously sucked, chewed, and digested, it’s worth talking about visuals only.

Presentation of mechagnomes holds the scene of High Tinker’s emergency capsule, so yes, they will come to the rescue!


I nearly forgot, but allied races also bring amazing mounts, notably mechagnomes:


Wrathion looks badass and is now in WoW-style, a huge improvement from Pandaria where he was some awkward middle east dude, arabian looks taken out of nowhere:


I caught myself at the thought that I’m fed up with the usual range of void guys. They feel like a stale bread, and I’m glad there’s just one patch left with these minions’ models. Especially those, dating back to WotLK:


Well, definitely not those. Look at these cutesies at the bottom!


And I simply LOVE the tentacles all over:


And eyes. This is the most gorgeous “evil” shot ever:


Am I excited to raid in Ny’alotha based on visuals? Yes, I am!


Finally, allied death knights. They look fun :) Should I pick an unholy one for vulpera or mechagnome heritage armor project?


I’d say that the trailer did not raise my hype levels a lot, maybe because it’s a lack of revelations due to previous spoilers, spoilers everywhere. Also, beside the Ny’alotha raid, everything else is quite of a trodden path – including zones, monsters and models.

I guess I’ll just step in and see how it plays off. I won’t be surprised if gameplay and plot points will provide the immersement! At least that’s where my hopes are.

Let’s have fun!

2 thoughts on “Visions of N’Zoth Survival Guide

  1. I’m a little upset that the Mechagnomes need a dungeon to unlock them, the same thing for the Kul’tirans, while horde allied races don’t need any dungeons, i wish there is explanation for this.

    Vulpera DK looks great :-)


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