My Plans for Visions of N’Zoth Launch

Yet again, in the end of the last year the new patch 8.3. seemed so distant and vague that I thought of it as of something beyond my reach. And here we are now, only 5 days to go which will fly by in a jiffy! It is time to make plans!

Obviously I will need a full stack of 5 extra drop tokens per toon before the raid drops, so that should be done. The goal is to minimize expenses when Ny’alotha starts, so it’s 4 weeks to purchase them at a minimum cost from the sneaky ethereal vendor. It’s not an immediate goal, but something that has to be on my mind.

Now, new content. I think I will begin with minor questlines: they are most intriguing, because they all address the small folk – all my favorite races!


Mechagnome Allied Race questline – it will be most amusing, cause it concerns both mechagnomes AND gnomes! Rumors are, mechagnome technology will solve the coma of High Tinker Mekkatorque, so this is gonna be the most amazing and fun adventure! There’s no better content than gnome content!

Vulpera Allied Race questline – I deem the males are a bit boring, while females are fun and amazing! I wonder how and who would present them to the Horde and accompany us during the joining quests, but either way, it’s the result that matters here: one of my warriors’ race swap to vulpera is long overdue! I think that maybe it will be the first thing I do when the patch goes live!

Goblin Legacy Armor questline – in between transmog runs Schlitzchen put on her Bilgewater Cartel tabard and chased through the remaining 10k reputation to Exalted via several TBC dungeons (conveniently located in clusters). That was real quick, and now I’m quite ready for another entertainment – the fun of dealing with goblin culture!

I’ve no worgen in my roster, so this one will remain untouched.

Next comes the major 8.3. questline, and it is promised to be a long one, taking at least 1,5 hour. It will not only drag us further along the plot, but get us acquainted with numerous new stuff on the way:

  • Champion! MOTHERf… has discovered how to improve your necklace once again!
  • See how N’Zoth attacks Pandaria and Uldum, threatening to merge Azeroth and Black Empire! Learn about new types of dailies.
  • Meet La Resistance and their vendors!
  • Long time, no see: Wrathion and dragonflights!
  • Get your cape, have a taste of Horrific Visions!
  • Punch and cookies.

Only then we will be able to actually delve into the wonders of daily content – and this questline has to be played through with every alt. Not very encouraging, but altoholics like myself should answer for their life choices. Besides, plot quest awards are normally too awesome to ignore.

I suppose I will stick to my normal plan: my flagship Micromantica will adventure until she’s firmly set on daily routines and has a complete understanding of new gameplay systems, and others will follow.

My bigger goals for 8.3. are:

  • See the whole story, whichever is the necklace grind
  • Complete transmog sets and weapons from Ny’alotha/open world
  • This requires 410 ilvl to participate in LFR activity – not there yet, not on every toon!
  • See complete Horrific Visions story in both Orgrimmar and Stormwind
  • Exalted with both new factions and purchasing their stuff
  • Growing up an aqir mount
  • Maaaaaybe legacy armor for mechagnome and vulpera during lull? Just the time to level a fifth fire mage from scratch :)

In any case, anticipation is great in This One. There’s gonna be quite a lot on our plates, and it’s good we won’t be waiting for long!

2 thoughts on “My Plans for Visions of N’Zoth Launch

  1. Sounds like a plan! I’ll look forward to your reports on the new content.

    The main thing I’m looking forward to is doing the Vulpera recruitment questline and creating a Vulpera character!

    I’m rather seriously contemplating letting Kamalia begin her retirement early — NOT doing the Legendary Cloak/N’Zoth Assaults questline with Kamalia, but rather waiting until one of my Mages hits 120 and going to do it with them instead. I can probably let myself take 30-45 minutes to play through the Vulpera recruiptment questline sometime during the next week, but I doubt that I’ll feel like I can let myself take 2 hours to do the main story & systems questline of the patch until I get my school routine for this semester more settled.

    After recruiting the Vulpera, I’m most interested in the smaller story advancement events: what will the new Horde leadership be? what’s up with the Dragonflights? what’s going on with Lillian Voss and Calia Menethil and Derek Proudmoore?

    I haven’t pre-purchased Shadowlands yet, so doing the Pandaren + Allied Races DK thing just to see what it’s all about is off the table for me, for now. That’s okay — I won’t mind missing out on the first day crowds :P


  2. I am coming back to wow after a little break. I am ready for tje new races! When I get home from work they will be my focus. I’ll check outbthe new questlines eventually. But unlocking and leveling them are priority 1 for me!


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