Happy New Year Y’All!


That was a generous present from Blizzard on December 31 morning, although I didn’t even think or hope for it :) My personal riding oven!


It’s 7 hours before the decade ends here in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and with everything bought and prepared for the major holiday feast I’m now spending my time in WoW, waiting for our guests to come.

I’d say that 2019 definitely wasn’t the brightest time for the game, and yet it had its moments. We’ve seen an excellent Battle for Dazar’Alor raid, fought the brutal Crucible bosses, and had our journey in Nazjatar – all in all it’s been more amusing than not. Mechagon, alas, proved to be grindier than desired, yet as a whole it was not bad either.

The most important thing in 2019 was the end of faction war – I guess everyone was just as happy as if it was the end of IRL war. Like IRL, people were tired and asking the very same question: why do we even fight? Like IRL, authority ambitions pushed the war forward, but not the bulk of participants. It was not a bad plot point, and yet we’re happy we’re through with it. Hopefully learned some lessons for the future: next time people want to bash Horde or Alliance skulls, we know where to nod at!

The next year looks happier and more interesting to me. We start with the new patch right away, we’ll have W3 Reforged a couple of weeks after, and the new expansion is waving from the second half of the year. More classical common enemies are what we’re longing for, and this is what we get. I have many expectations – yet this is important that they won’t be any particular ones.

I wish you all to keep the general sense of wonder, be ready for the new things, and accept them with a positive attitude in the ocean of alas common – and default – hate. First and foremost, I wish you all to have fun! Whatever makes you happy – go for it! In WoW and otherwise.

It’s been a great year for blogging too. I thank all the readers, commenters and bloggers that accompanied me on my journey. I’m happy to be a part of our blog community, and I hope we’ll have fun in writing as in gaming the next year!

See you on the other side – in the 20s!

Happy New Year!


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