Transmog Farming Project: No System!

There are actually no countable thresholds for my transmog activity. I’ve started making a new spreadsheet, then just put it aside. At this step it is a bit discouraging to have not-so-many full collected sets.

At the same time there are many sets of 6-7 items out of 8, but listing every class/raid/slot in a table would be insane, even for myself :)

Картинки по запросу release the puppies gif
My toons on tmog boss farm

And yet I feel like I’m somewhere in the middle of the road. It is a long way to farm, lots of transmogs to acquire. But, as with every WoW activity, you just need to go and do your job – and you’ll see the results!

Nowadays I’m not doing it class by class, or raid-by raid. The best option is picking the toon you miss or feel like playing, and just make it travel to the places you feel like traveling to.

I only try to clear Ahn’Kiraj for reputation sakes weekly with most classes that need its transmog. Otherwise than that, my gameplay sessions look like this: 

  • Hm, tonight I feel like running with my moose druid girl Jammu
  • “Opens and scrolls Appearances tab”
  • Oh wow, that’s some chest piece from Black Temple, and the collection is not even touched at all!
  • “Goes to Black Temple”
  • Oh, I have only 1 druid piece left from Heart of Fear set!
  • “Goes to Pandaria”

In other words, the Best Farming System = No Farming System!

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