Ding 120!


…and Gaella the Frost Death Knight is already eligible for the Eternal Palace raid – on day one.

I’ve decided I’ll be a completionist with her. She dinged 120 by doing only full Tiragarde Sound questline and opening three Alliance bases in Zandalar.

After 120, I’ve completed all questing in Nazjatar – part three of its plot is timegated beyond followers. Opened Mechagon and killed a Rustfeather. Did Stormsong Valley in full and most part of Jaina’s questline.

Basically what I need to cover is:

  • Final leg of Pride of Kul Tiras in Drustvar
  • Full Drustvar questline
  • War Campaign
  • Tourist mode for all raids once

I’d like to gear her up to 410-ish, but I think I will not farm raids for gear. Basically I need to upgrade my weapons to 400+, and farm manapearls for benthic gear.

This all will be completed in a week. And this is it?

I guess I’m back to Rustfeather and transmog farms.

2 thoughts on “Ding 120!

    • Tell me about catching up :) In Drustvar they gave me a task of putting Rindlewoe wicker giant into the ground. At 119, I didn’t even manage to bring him lower than 60%. At 120 with benthics, I wipe it without a sneeze!

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