Kul Tiran Heritage Armor: Check!

A couple of sessions – WoD on Saturday and Legion on Sunday – have brought me the final heritage armor achievement!


Now Dobby is free of vain toons until the next lull and mechagnome/vulpera release :) Obviously Backston is gone for good. Her final selfie after a small talk with Catherine Proudmoore:


In my opinion Blizzard did the worst job in introducing Kul Tirans as a playable race. Males are moderately ok, but everything is wrong with the girls. Yes, I’m at the fat shaming camp here.

Mind you, I find the stature itself quite sexy – confirmed yet again when she sold every piece of armor to send evey last coin to my alts before deletion and ran naked from the mailbox. The problem is the cheeks that turn the eyes into slits – literally no likeable option of all faces. And the problem is movement animations – specifically running. Kul Tiran girls simply don’t feel and look fit and capable of being a hero. The way they move is quite clumsy, and I picture dyspnea too vividly just when she ran past a couple of houses or something. It’s hard for her even to run, save being a capable fighter!

It’s not the extra pounds looks that bother me with overweight people (could be and often are quite charming), it’s the negative health effect that these pounds provide. And the Kul Tiran animations look exactly like the effect is already here. I just don’t see how a heavily panting hero could be… well, a hero :) If you fight and travel, you will inevitably gain some fit, and rather look like a vrykul. Long story short, delete character? Yes.

Anyways, I’m back to my basic roster, and it’s a huge relief :)


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