Infinite Azerite Trait Gone… Kinda


The previous design is no longer accurate. Blizzard heard the feedback and agreed that endless grind is kinda counterproductive when it’s endless.

So, here go the changes:

Final artifact level on the grid is 80, not 85. It’s a checkpoint where you may stop bothering.

Still, AP rewards will not be rendered to gold afterwards. You can still improve the necklace, but it’s gonna be just minor ilvl bonuses – 2 necklace ilvl per level of your necklace.

Corruption thing which allows wearing more corrupted gear, previously woven into artifact, is rendered now to the cape. N’Zoth kills beyond LFR, as well as completing Horrific Visions with at least “one mask active” (whatever that means) will grant you an item to improve your cape which will allow to wear more corrupted gear.

Well, I gotta say that design is questionable. I like that I will have a goal and will be able to complete the grid – at least on my main. I don’t like that the AP bar will remain – that is not a completed goal imo. The bar removed completely upon achieving the goal is what we need.

I’m missing the times when my bars were pressed against the lower edge of the screen, without additional progress bars in between. So good that Shadowlands finally doesn’t offer the same stuff. For now.

2 thoughts on “Infinite Azerite Trait Gone… Kinda

  1. Never being able to finish got to me. Even world quests with endless rep grinds. I won’t even bother doing 4 easy quests for 2000 gold anymore. I’m sitting on a million in the bank, I’ve got over 60,000 on me, there is nothing I really need. And minor BoE gear upgrade in the AH is so ridiculously priced I don’t even look anymore. I don’t know if the cash shop is a cause, or the endless supply of free gold at max level. I’d like to have daily quests, but with a currency reward for decent vendor gear, even being able to buy crafting mats that I would need to run dungeons and LFR for months to get. Something different.

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