Trivia: On My Way


As expected, the final leg of leveling is super fast. Zindari the Zandalari Priest was the focus of my weekend.

Pandaria saw him complete the upper part of Jade Forest, three dungeons, and clearing the initiate boulders from Farmer Yoon’s farm made him ding 90.

I don’t know why I previously ignored treasures in Draenor – this time I set out for the hunt immediately after establishing the Garrison. Bonus quests in 3 zones and treasures alone – the Draenor leg was complete. I’ve ruined my no-addon policy and installed TomTom for treasures – yet it was only for this task, because I still think it ruins all the immersement, and I just wanted leveling to be over asap. Once I was done, the addon got switched off immediately.

Legion saw me completing bonus quests in Azsuna and a Legion invasion there. Invasion alone was 2 levels, so it’s simply a bliss. Over that, I started questing in Val’sharah’s storyline, and left for work at 105. I think I’m finishing at 110 today or tomorrow’s morning at best, and Zandalari leveling will be done.

My thoughts during the weekend:

1. Leveling is super tedious nowadays, and something just had to be done about it. I’m so glad they’re fixing it in Shadowlands.

2. I love everything about building Draenor garrison, so I can’t help desiring this aspect of character development. It is exciting, it has an immediate and quite a visual effect on your home base and environment, and it is something you’d like to invest into rather than an invisible artifact gear. I wish some sort of base was there in every expansion, apart form most desired player housing. Outposts give an excellent impression of base customization for different players without driving and phasing them apart, so I wish we had some sort of that in every place we go to.

3. Shadow priests are awful while current, out-of-dungeon, leveling. Even common mobs give me some hard time, and I didn’t even think about doing bonus quests in Spires of Arak. Something has to be done about their survival and melting powers. Killing mobs takes forever, and sefl-heals are required after every two mobs.

4. I am not gonna regret deleting the toon at 110. Nothing about race or spec ticks with me, and I have the doubling class toons at 120. I will get the achievement and the legacy armor in case I want a Zandalari someday. It’s a purely technical goal, same with Kul Tiran druid who’s catching up at 82. I’m looking forward to ding 110, listening a short congratulations speech from race leaders, making a selfie in a new outfit, sending all gold to main roster, and retire for good :)

Smaller collateral matters: no luck with Rustfeather, several more transmogs from Pandaria raids, and ding 950 in Archaeology, although I wasn’t that busy with these things. So far, my primary goal is insane leveling.


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