Trivia: Gameplay Diversity


It is interesting that my lull time is nowhere boring. Lots of stuff is going on simultaneously, and I’m free to pick any acitivity I feel like doing.

Let’s see:


My Zandalari/Kul Tiran are now both in Pandaria/Cataclysm leg of leveling, and I can finally include questing to see a significant progress. Today’s morning I was queued for 1,5 hours, and due to early morning and workday it never popped up. Nevertheless I drove Zindari from 80 to 84 by doing quests alone! Moreover, it was just a ridiculously small part of Jade Forest – up to hozen hill (2/10 zone quest achievement). Even though I have 25-30ish levels to go, this is actually the fastest part of the whole process. 80 and on, I’m closer to finish than ever.

By the way, I’ve discovered that the Horde actually captured Anduin in Jade Forest! Somehow this very important fact slipped my mind, and I’m eager to play on and discover his fate – like the first time :)

I’ve done a quick clicking through the character creation screen, trying on priest and druid appearances of different races – in case I would swap the race after 110 and want to keep the characters. Nope, we’re good. I’m happy with my 120 roster, I need no addition to it, and both leveling toons will go to hell as planned.


Archaeology moves on great, and I already have 6/12 pristine items to display! It required only 39 digsites in whole. I wonder if Blizzard fixed the drop rate, or I am just being very lucky. Apart from that, I already have the one-of-each achievement, and also got all the BfA archaeology toys and pets.


Now as my collection grows, I can’t help noticing that Kul Tiran (Drust) part of it is quite sickening. It’s basically a toolkit of a mad surgeon, rusty blades with blood stains on them and stuff :) What do you know, Zandalari’s part looks almost festive compared to that. You can show Zandalari relics to the kids, while Drust things are by all means 18+!

In Boralus you display the Drust items on the second floor, and Zandalari’s stuff in the cellar of the Archaeologist’s house. If you ask me, I would swap the rooms without any second thought.


My transmog hunt is both a yes and a no. Mostly it’s Pandaria runs for plate toons, with a spruce of Galleon and Sha world bosses. A ‘yes’ part is that almost no boss items are left to carry out of the raids. A ‘no’ part is that I crave for a ‘world drop’ item, and it seems more impossible to get than a rare mount. Well, that only proves that I’m wise to ignore the ‘world drop’-only items in current raids, and consider the sets complete without them.


There’s always Rustfeather camping, of course – if I’m tired of smashing buttons or need to turn my attention to any other activities, like playing with my cats, washing the floor, or paying a close attention to an action sequence on a nearby screen :)


Long story short, there’s quite a lot to do, and my activities actually fit every time that I may have for gaming, be it 10 minutes or several hours.

One thought on “Trivia: Gameplay Diversity

  1. My down time has basically resulted in rustfeather camping. I have a Kul tiran alt I slowly level as well. But most of the wow time I am camping rust and watching something on my other screen.

    I’ve actually taken up guild wars 2 for the moment. I’m enjoying playing through its story. It looks to be a long one amd varies a bit by race. So I’ve got a lot of stuff to fill this gap at least.


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