Visions of N’Zoth: New Small Things in 8.3.

Today’s PTR brought several interesting things.

First, Blizzard are tuning down the shining headlights for elves and death knights:

It is announced as a first step to appearance changes in Shadowlands. Me personally couldn’t greet this more: inner magic fantasy is so fantasy, but these eyes always seemed quite averting to my taste.

Second, a vendor table from Wrathion is here.

This means an option for extra Horrific Visions runs, an item which allows making a socket in any gear, and this beauty of a farmed mount:


Me likey :)

Third, azerite stuff. The final level is 85, and it’s an endless talent like we had in Legion:

Couldn’t care less about that – only if they have some story there, it’s one alt to grind it through to 85, and I’m done.

Fourth, cleansing new gear from Corruption bonuses and debuffs will be available at MOTHER’s interface for a nominal value of new currency. It better be free, but oh well. Yet again, I love this option – so that players like me can just go and stop worry about it, while pro-players may act with strategies and maximize their power in the challenging environment.


The patch is slowly gaining perks and flesh over the announced skeleton, and day by day looks all the more promising to me. There is stuff to do, stuff to grind, and I hope it keeps me busy until the pre-patch.

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