Anniversary Events and Warfront Mounts

First and foremost, gratz Melaris with the end of Honorbound 750 token grind!


Mounts are in the theme of Darkshore warfront, and, as with Krolusk for 300 tokens, you immediately get the other faction’s mount too:


Now when warfront content is officially done, and Melaris is relieved of her duties, she’s setting her camp with others at Rustfeather spot :) Alright, onto some pressing matters.

Today’s reset brought us the anniversary holiday events. Upon login on every toon you get Lil Deathwing pet, a traditional XP token (bring your leveling alts forward!) and a quest ticket – an invitation to celebrations held by Bronze Dragons.

The ticket requires you to travel to Caverns of Time and meet Chromie. Caverns are decorated for the event. Different faction and racial banners decorate the whole winding passage, in order of appearance:


Also there are fireworks going all the time. Chromie herself resides in the center on the top of a huge hourglass and gives out a couple of quests – for PvE and PvP activities.

Also Chromie is the one to give access to legacy raids – you need to talk to her and choose to queue for one of the three “wings”, with notorious bosses from Outland, Northrend and Cataclysm raids. Note: they are not available via common raid finder interface!

I’m very much intrigued to play through the event, and this is what I’m doing for today’s evening! I’ve never been to any of the encounters while they’ve been a current content, so I’m most excited to see how it plays out. Molten Core anniversary run was a faceroll, so :)


Warcraft III Reforged Beta is up, and it appeared to be a frustration.

“High” graphics settings are too much for my laptop, so I went with middle.

I can’t pick English language in the menu yet, it’s Russian by default and not the iconic dubbing from 2000s, which had awesome actors.

Only 1×1 or 2×2 matches are available, no campaign previews. So I started one match, on the second constructed building the other guy came and killed me with a couple of ghouls and a hero. I just quit the whole program in a click.

I never wanted any PvP in any case, but I can’t look at the buildings and units either. So beta is most useless to me now. See you upon release and campaigns.

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