Trivia: Wrapping Up

Just a quick streak of my whereabouts.

Micromantica is on the final leg of azerite necklace leveling: 61648 azerite to go, 5% into the last level 70. With ~7-10k daily, I’ll end this probably in a week.

Melaris is at 552/750 honorbound medals. Less than 200 to go, and it’s a finishing line.

No serious bee hunt – I’ll get busy with it on weekend.

5 toons farming Rustfeather daily. 20 minute respawn is confirmed, so you can do 3 kills in an hour.

Waveblade/Unshackled emissary up, I’m getting more Exalteds these days and transfer the lucky ones to Mechagon too. Btw, Horde has a Mechagon teleport from Zandalar and back: talk to a goblin submarine captain in the harbor or in their Mechagon camp! I wonder why Alliance doesn’t: the flight path takes the same time, if not longer.

Some plate armor transmog runs for the upcoming vulpera – the yellow Heart of Fear LFR warrior set which I boasted before is almost complete!

With daily duties taking about a couple of hours, I think I will have time for Kul Tiran/Zandalari leveling during weekend.

Aaaaand here we go again with the Hallows’ End farming, starting today :) An intense period which I like.

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