Upcoming Transmogs

The datamined transmog news are something interesting.

It’s no wonder that there will be catch-up gear tokens. They will come at ilvl 400 and could be upgraded to 415, 445 and finally 460 – much like Nazjatar armor works. Bound to the account for alt purposes and blah-blah-blah.

The thing that caught my attention is that they will share the models with LFR raid sets:

I do not know if it’s an early build, or if this will come true. Nazjatar armor also shared models with Eternal Palace LFR, but with a slight palette recolor, which makes it a different set.

But if it is…

Well, let’s say that it will have the biggest impact on my game. I consider the raid closed when I’ve collected all LFR transmogs, as you know very well. And if it happens so that I can simply buy all the tokens, except weapons…

I do not know yet if it’s good or bad news for myself. On the bright side, there’s gonna be A LOT less queues, less LFR frustration (some groups are great and some are, well, not – depending on asshole percentage, not player skills). On the downside, the raid has a great chance to take so little time, in case I need only weapon mogs. So it’s possible that I will enter pre-expansion lull a lot sooner than usually.

LFR is still gonna be my one and only destination difficulty, no matter what. It just seems interesting that Blizzard makes open world awards beat the raid ilvl, and now strips it of transmog uniqueness.


I’ve checked vulpera in Wowhead’s preview, and I like what I saw – a lot. They have goblin animations, which I liked in case of my Fury warrior. I’ll go with sand/desert colors, and brown and yellow transmogs, luckily warriors have enough sets of that:


The race reroll for my ex-goblin warrior is carved in stone – the moment they become available. The character name is gonna have Arabic influence – Jakata, Jarakti or smth. like that.

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