IRL: An Important Milestone

Today, my band celebrates its 15th anniversary, and today it’s the date of release of our fifth album (11th release in our discography).

For those who’ve missed the “About” page of my blog, I’ve started the band as a folk-metal band 15 years ago. Unlike most other bands, we have our own setting: an imaginary Black Village (Svartby in Swedish, which is the band’s name). It is located in European northern woods, and populated by fairy folk: witches, dwarves, elemental imps, swamp monsters and goblins. The folks are mischievous and play brutal and deadly tricks on humans within their reach. Every song is essentially a bloody fairy-tale of its own, but at the same time happy, because the point of view belongs to the said creatures :)

Lyrics have always been conceptual – every album tells about different creatures. This time we took Svartby’s goblins and made them eat a magic gumbo which dragged them through space and time to a Prohibition Era New York! Throughout the album story theey rise to power, to become the most infamous gang. Goblins and jazz work together perfectly – so we’ve heavily woven the jazzy elements into our songs, not only lyrics.


The album appeared to be a pinnacle of our songwriting and many years experience, and I love everything about it. However, this is also the final metal album for me – and it draws the line under my activity in the band. As a main songwriter, I feel like the 15-year marathon resulted in a sort of fatigue, and there are actually no metal ideas I’d like to bring to life left. Of course I couldn’t totally quit the world that I created – maybe I will compose more instrumental, symphonic/keyboard pieces, or hell knows, even a literature experiment. But my share of rehearsals, reaching arrangement agreements, live shows on stage is now over.

I don’t feel sad or lost – well, this is my decision in the end of all, and pondered for a long time. Looking towards the brighter future that makes me happy!

Meanwhile, let me rest upon my achievements :) And they are plenty!

7 thoughts on “IRL: An Important Milestone

  1. Congrats on 15 years and the album. You never know, I mean look at Rick Wakeman, I don’t think he ever expected to still be performing and playing after 50+ years.

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  2. Not sure why I didn’t realize the “facebook” and “bandcamp” on your about page were clickable. Just listening to them for the first time now. I love the sound. Congratulations on 15 years and 5 albums.

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