Goals Before and After Blizzcon


It’s three weeks left until the big reveals. As with 8.2.5., I do not expect anything big to alter my gameplay significantly, not until 8.3., and yet I’m intending to reach these thresholds:

1. Azerite level 70 for Micromantica. 66/70 now, it may or may not be done. For a daily activity, I’m clearing up an emissary, and also leaving none azerite world quest behind, wasteland free from azerite awards – in Nazjatar, current warfront, Kul Tiras and Zandalar. No expeditions or group content to speed it up.

2. Azerite level 60 on alts and completing Twilight Highlands piece of lore. 5 toons to go.

3. 750 Honorbound tokens and token mount on Melaris. 456/750 and counting.

4. Clearing all lore of War Campaign on all alts, including subsequent Wrathion quest. Almost done – Anibell is the only one left, and she’s approaching pre-Dazar’Alor leg of achievement. It’s actually one evening’s duty, and I intend to complete it in the coming days.


5. Exalted with Waveblades/Unshackled on all alts. Not farming this, only emissary days count. Actually this is quite interesting: when you look at reputation tab, you immediately see the character’s own history in WoW. For example, if I see that Jellica is Exalted with Proudmoore Admiralty, and Paitsu is not, then I know that Jellica participated in Kul Tiras adventures, and Paitsu joined the Alliance cause later: during Nazjatar campaign.

6. Farming Eternal Palace transmog till the end. Only agility staff left! And it’s three toons after it, so 6 attempts per week with tokens.


The following activities are long-term, and I’ve no intention to complete them by Blizzcon. Ironically they are lull ones, so that’s what I’m expecting my game to be before 8.3.:

  • Archaeology: a number of Draenor pristines, 1 Legion pristine and almost everything from BfA.


  • Leveling a Kul Tiran and a Zandalari for the achievements (61/44 now).
  • Bee mount
  • Rustfeather mount
  • 100 midnight salmons and probably mount?

and that’s it?..

Maybe I’d farm older raid transmogs too, also to fix my broken gold vaults :) New raid tokens won’t buy themselves!

Effectively I’m wrapping up older content nowadays and setting toons on standby. I hope that 8.3. won’t take too long.


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