Nazjatar Done


The Horde Manta Ray recolor for manapearls is finally mine, and I’m officially done with Nazjatar. I may exploit emissaries and delicious world quests for azerite on Micromantica, but Dobby is free from any small and big duties here!

Quite unexpectedly, Fearella has finished leveling her direhorn. It took only two bars to fill – I’ve expected three. Oh well, less bother! It is very cool that they do not just give you a mount, but offer many quests at checkpoints.

Made me wonder: what if there were 3-4 new mounts per expansion, not dozen like now, and each offered a unique questline – as with direhorn or class mount? This would make it a lot more engaging, and mounts would matter. Direhorn was a perfect example how this could work, bee grind is not :)

Anyways, another checkpoint is done, and Fearella is now officially off duty until next patch.



Speaking of goblins, I’ve put all my effort (in game gold for barbershop and transmogs, and a lot of soul work) into Schlitzchen, and I’ve forged one (1) option of goblin look combination that I stick with. Schlitzchen the Shaman continues her journey, and that’s a huge relief. That’s officially final:


As for Fearella, uhm, well she had to go a minor cosmetic surgery, and now she looks like this :)


I decided I keep the name when I noticed that half an hour of “elvish name option” brainstorm has passed.

Looking forward to the weekend and dealing with more loose ends. Have a happy Friday everybody!

P.S. What is it with me and white hair of my toons, I wonder? I never think of them as “old” white, or “stress” white (like Jaina), they are the dyed white. Requires some thought.

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