Blizzcon Speculation: What’s Next?

Let’s roll through the list of my predictions, past, present and future. So far I’ve predicted this:

  • We go into Nazjatar;
  • Azshara survives the raid, and with a ‘Bwahahaha’ disappears;
  • N’Zoth is now active and trying to corrupt Azeroth the Titan;
  • Sylvanas is dethroned, yet not killed and leaves Horde/Alliance to be… for now.

=== you are here ===

  • At Blizzcon, 8.3. is announced via machinima cinematic;
  • 8.3. will deal with N’Zoth. Every expansion ends in the darkest place, and this time it is deepdown Ny’alotha, where N’Zoth corrupts Azeroth;
  • Azerite necklace + dragon (Wrathion efforts) + Xal’atath the Person play role in defeating N’Zoth;
  • Xal’atath the Blade is off the grid, because it already played its role.
  • Azeroth the Titan hatches and leaves us be, going towards the Red Star to her kin and Sargeras.
  • 8.3. will start PTR right after Blizzcon.
  • We may step into Ny’alotha before Christmas, but the final raid opens in late January-March.
  • 9.0. will be revealed at Blizzcon via a movie cinematic.
  • Sylvanas, as a face of Warcraft on Blizzcon poster, serves as a link to 9.0. – one of the major villains of Death-themed expansion.
  • 9.0. will be released August – November 2020 (either late Summer or at Blizzcon);
  • To keep players busy until 8.3., Blizzard opens another Classic raid, launches anniversary events in retail, and releases Warcraft III Reforged.

That’s a pretty big list for the franchise, enough for Brian Holinka to be that much excited on Twitter. Let the hype begin!

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