Trivia: Checkpoint

This is a week of wrapping up content.

First and foremost: Nazja-Done!


Battle-Scarred Farseer Ori, Aqua Team Murder Force, and Undersea Usurper meta popped up today!

Checking mail brought me the award:


I’m not riding it of course, but this is a very amusing mount, crawling sidewards :)

The most important thing is that I quit running follower errands on any toon, starting today. Frankly they got me exhausted. Looking back, the leveling streak should have been a lot shorter. I’d say that level 20 where you get the reward (mount, pet or toy) would have been just fine – and you could have got all their treasures and abilities by then. Having a leveled follower helps a lot, especially at Periodic Destruction scenarios. Yet, the joy of choosing a follower for the day – as in personal choice – loses all its attraction due to achievement grind. By the time you finish with them, you have literally nothing to do in Nazjatar, so it feels kinda vain.

I’ll drive Schlitzchen through the last 600 rep to Unshackled exalted, manta mount recolor is gonna be mine, and she’s on standby.

The next azerite level stop is 65, and Micromantica got a small new questline – fixing Maelstrom where shamans dwell (the class order hall area). I hope there will be something else before 70 – say, at 67 or 68. Is there?..

My plan for the weekend is what’s left from raiding to cover transmogs, and finishing all the catching-up toons’ questlines, to and through War Campaign till the end and Nazjatar story (one more Azshara kill left for Jammu).

Melaris is diligent in farming Honorbound medals every day. 436/750, the daily income of 5 seems little, but it’s actually growing pretty fast! Completing warfront scenarios, occasional incursions and Honorbound bonus chests helps a lot.

I like the bee hive activity ) Although the pace is super slow, it is highly addictive, and no time gating comforts a lot. I ran for it maybe 30 minutes in total – a couple of events and a couple of boss kills, so it’s yet to be dealt with when I have free time.

4 thoughts on “Trivia: Checkpoint

  1. Sadly, there is nothing at 67 and 68. But the big relief is that 70 is the end of the road, there is no “infinite trait” and even azerite world quest rewards are converted into gold/resources at 70.

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  2. I have been slowly accumulating Azerite primarily through the Mission Table. I’ve reached 60, but I haven’t yet had time to go do the red dragon questline. I’ll look forward to revisiting the Maelstrom when I reach 65! I’m mostly in this for the lore, too — though I might grind Kaelinda all the way to Heart Level 70, too, since I intend her to be my new main in the next expansion.


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