Script Paradoxes

Previously I wrote how you can see two Talanjis at the same time:


Yesterday Jammu was running through the whole war campaign, and I’ve come across several new amusing things :)


The first one is that Rexxar part at Norwington Estate was definitely not designed for air travel… So if you decide to take wing, it’s gonna be a flying circus :)

The second one is even more quirky. On a mission to free Lady Ashvane from Tol Dagor, first you collect clothes from Proudmoore guards for a disguise. Then you put them on, and Valtrois temporarily turns you into a Kul Tiran.

This whole elaborate plan will go to hell if you’re playing this:


Definitely an Alliance durid! Without a doubt!

Luckily the guards of Tol Dagor are really daft, so they didn’t suspect anything and let us in.

3 thoughts on “Script Paradoxes

    • Wiki says:

      Haratha (wolf) – Deceased
      Misha (bear) – Alive
      Spirit (hawk) – Alive
      Huffer (boar) – Alive
      Leokk (wyvern) – Alive
      Nisha (dread raven) – Alive
      Huelo (wolf) – Alive / Deceased


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