Trivia: Playing 8.2.5.

Lore off my shoulders, I’m speaking about gameplay.

As expected, not much has changed from my routines. I’m hunting tmog from Eternal Palace (2 items, no luck this week), manapearls (256, waiting for Exalted now), honorbound medals (406/750 and counting), ultimate necklace level for story (64/70). Periodic Destruction is complete with Micromantica, and on Thursday the Nazjatar meta and crab mount are mine.

The rep restrictions from War Campaign are now lifted, and I’m driving my three restored toons through the war campaign by leaps. It takes no time, I’m putting them on the same page as other toons and also gaining insane AP rewards.

Blacksmithing Tool of Trade is done, and I need to complete only Enchanting and Jewelcrafting items to get them all. Is it a feat of stregth, I wonder? I’m doing them next expansion when I’ll be able to solo run dungeons, grinding them items in group or solo in the open world is too tedious.

Direhorn is growing, yay :)

Bee questline is a mixed feeling. Good thing is you can simply buy a bee pet from Storm’s Wake for pet charms and not bother with Bumbles or whatever that grind was. The intro questline is not actually a questline, and it was very confusing, I had to watch a video on YouTube to get to the hive. On the bright side, the bee events and bee jelly hunt appeared to be grindy, but very fun. Even if I’m at 146/3500 of the first level, I’d do it. I think devoting an hour daily would get you somewhere. People claim to complete the whole thing in 12 hours in one sit, I’m not doing that. But it’s good that there is no time-gating.

New goblin models are on the downside for me. I’m not happy with the new faces:





The faces are puffed up, not sharp, and the worst of all: the eyes are squinting to the nose, making the whole expression pretty vague and silly. I need a lot of soul work to get used to the new reality, and I fear to think: what if I don’t?

I could dismiss or race swap Fearella, as she doubles the warrior class on the Horde side, but Schlitzchen is my oldest Horde toon, always an Enhancement Shaman, and I’m simply not ready to part ways with her in any sense.

I really need to think about it and spend a lot of time in the barbershop.

I’ve led all my toons through the war campaign (except those three that are catching up), and this part of the expansion is closed. I liked the lore, I liked how situation was resolved, and I’m quite content with both questlines (this time it’s not divided by factions, but rather pro- and anti-Sylvanas, based on your previous choices).

Wrathion story was simple and quick, but educating. He struggles to search ways to cope with the Old Gods, and strongly wants for the other dragonflights to accept him. Yet he never appears and hides. I think it’s safe to say that dragonflights will play the ultimate part against N’Zoth, and that they will not proceed into the next expansion.

Haven’t seen the new Brewfest yet, no urge to do so.

So far, I think I’ll have my hands full until Blizzcon. The patch is small, but big in lore. I’m good.


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