War Campaign Finale

No spoilers here.

Who am I kidding, I couldn’t sit through a buzzing internet for three days, so I watched the cinematics online. The story is yet to be played in game though. On Friday night.

Let’s just say I was 100% right with my lore predictions so far. Is it a good thing? I’m both happy that I guessed it all, and at the same time I’m missing a certain unexpected twist. Sylvanas plan is now clear – there actually was one, and it worked out very well so far.

Although the story surprisingly did not surprise me, I could totally invest into emotional domain, and it was good.

Tink, tink.

One thought on “War Campaign Finale

  1. Watched it. Visuals spectacular as always. Hoped for, something, I guess. I did pick up on something but I am going to hold off discussing until after the weekend and when I’ve had a chance to watch on the bigger screen.


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