Pre-Patch Days

It’s funny enough that a much anticipated patch day I will be spending outside of WoW – it’s my vacation, and it’s a yet another small trip to Finland. Although I’ll be back on Friday night, and go overhead to the new lore. Will I be watching spoilers? I think I’ll try to restrain myself, as it’s something I need a lead-in for in the game itself.

Meanwhile I’ve tried to deal with the loose ends. I’ve cleared up storylines up to and through Zandalar Forever / Pride of Kul Tiras on newest restored toons, and I’ll do the war campaign with them once they lift off reputation requirements tomorrow. The azerite income for quests is insane, so it’s worth doing even not for a completionist.

I’ve finally had 150 points in Blacksmithing with Gorgul and got the meta:


Now he’s on his Tool of Trade mission – 10 expulsom to go. The questline was probably the coolest of all:



I’ve covered all the exploration achievements of Zandalar/Kul Tiras!


I strongly advise to do at least Get Hek’d, especially on a Horde toon – this is super fun, and has some follow up quests. Btw, they keep telling that Jani is a “he” in quest texts, but I clearly hear a hag voice! Wtf?

I anticipate scarce repeatable content in the patch 8.2.5, and thus little change of routines, so I’ll just proceed doing what I normally do. It is awesome to have plenty of goals on different toons, and I’m logging in daily to run their errands. Watching the numbers grow is comforting:


Micromantica will cover up Periodic Destruction on Friday, and 7 days are required to finish meta-Nazjatar. Next week I’m done here.

My druid Jammu is catching up on Azshara questline now, which means she needs her follower at level 11.


Melaris has started with grinding Honorbound medals for mount, and is at equator now: 370/750.

Schlitchen will wrap up Unshackled Exalted/250 pearls for Horde manta recolor mount next week.

Fearella is busy with growing her direhorn, and it’s simply amazing :)


Two weapons to go in Eternal Palace! One dagger for Pins, which comes from a braindead Sivara encounter and an agility spear from Orgozoa – with a druid help, I have now 3 toons on it. We’ll see what will happen on the next cooldown.

Speaking of weapons mogs, I went and won a warglaive from Uldir which was somehow unattended before. Now it’s officially closed.

I’ve leveled my Kul Tiran to 61 – this is another lull thing I’m tending to. Nope, no bonds with the character, it’s probably my first purely technical achievement toon. Zandalari is the second.

No urge to login into Classic yet.

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