Trivia: Weapon Shower!

My humble couple of gameplay hours yesterday resulted in some insane transmog income:

  • Warglaive for Melaris the Demon Hunter – now she’s done with Eternal Palace;
  • 1H axe for Fearella – now Gorgul, Fearella and Anibell are done with Eternal Palace;
  • No stave drop for Paitsu the Monk, but she went and won stave from Ulmath – a 420 one in case she’d like some tanking;
  • Ulmath also dropped a dagger for Pins, replacing her 395 with a 425 and covering a transmog!

This bonanza left me with ridiculous number of required weekly runs:


Either Nikkeli or Paitsu may win an agility stave from Orgozoa, and Pins is hunting for her couple of daggers. And this is it! If I’m very-very lucky, I may even finish them all during this cooldown, cause Nikkeli and Pins haven’t raided yet. Won’t happen, of course… or will it?

Followers are in a very good spot, 21 level being their obligatory limit for an essence upgrade. Micromantica is 12 days away from meta-Nazjatar and gaining a crab mount.

Personal goals have started to roll on – all you need to do is just play towards them. I’m not missing emissaries with Micromantica, because azerite power, and trying to grab azerite world quests and assign table missions whenever I have a spare minute. No island expeditions though, it’s a hard pass. Schlitzchen will get enough pearls for manta mount very soon – I think it may even happen before Exalted. Melaris now is a daily guest at warfront duties (10-15 minutes tops for a full round), although I often don’t have time for incursions. Yet.

And this:


Super cute! I think that it will take about a month to grow it into a final thing.

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