Patch 8.2.5. Incoming!

Blizzard have posted a complete list of patch updates, and it seems that release date is very much at hand.

Anniversary event: Memories of Azeroth. Like in Molten Core voyage during WoD, we’ll be able to queue via Raid Finder and see 9 iconic bosses from TBC, WotLK and Cataclysm raids. This is naturally split into 3 wings, and upon completion we get Memories of Fel, Frost and Fire achievement with a Deathwing mount as a reward.


I haven’t managed to kill all those bosses live – I believe I first tried raiding in Dragon Soul, one or two bosses. So it will be an awesome experience. Entry item level is 380.

Alterac Valley reboot – well, you know where to shove PvP :)

Timewalking Firelands Raid: no, I’m not doing it. Never been to timewalking Ulduar and Black Temple, never planning to go to any other old raids, unless solo and for transmogs.

Party Sync and Recruit a Friend: it happens so that all my IRL friends and family don’t play WoW, MMORPG, or don’t even play any games at all. Until I have an IRL friend willing to play, this news is a hard pass.

Goblin/Worgen Model Updates: yes, please! My couple of goblin girls are already stunningly beautiful, could I make it even better? I’d spend an evening in the barbershop.

Bee Mount for the Alliance: I’m eager to get it!


Alright, and now to more essential matters: LORE!

First and foremost, our War Campaign ends here.

“Tensions continue to rise between Saurfang, Anduin, and the Banshee Queen Sylvanas. Discover the fate of the Horde and Alliance in the final chapter of the War Campaign.”

Calling it “tensions” would be an understatement. I’m very hyped to know how the arc ends. A couple of datamined cinematics of 3 and 6 minutes long looks as juicy as possible.

Here’s my call of what happens:

Blizzard clearly wants to wrap up the story arc before Blizzcon to announce 8.3. with N’Zoth raid and 9.0. with Bolvar the Lich King expansion.

Sylvanas is due to go – now. Granted we don’t get new warfronts, world quests or such, it will be a questline, culminating in dethroning of Sylvanas. I’d wager one of the cinematics is about the final spectacular confrontation – enter glorious Calia Menethil who will turn the undead against her and show them the way, and probably banish Sylvanas in a fight. The second cinematic will be making a peace treaty between factions, as well as assigning the new Horde leadership: trolls, orcs and the new warchief (Baine).

Hereby Sylvanas arc ends in this expansion. She’ll serve as a link to the 9.0., but we won’t see her again until pre-patch and/or revealing cinematic where she schemes with Bolvar – maybe also Helya and Gorak Tul? She has nothing to do with the Old Gods – she serves death, and promotes undeath as her perfect state of Azeroth. Kill ’em all! And raise afterwards :)

I expect two more cinematics at Blizzcon: a machinima revealing N’Zoth menace and inviting us to Nyalotha, and a proper cinematic cartoon showing us Sylvanas with Bolvar as a teaser to 9.0.  

Enter Magni Bronzebeard and Heart of Azeroth arc.

“With N’Zoth’s imminent emergence, you must seek help from an unlikely ally: the Black Prince, Wrathion. Level 120 players should seek out Magni in the Chamber of Heart to continue the story and discover the Black Dragonflight’s whereabouts.”

Dragon arc, carefully woven into azerite necklace leveling, will wrap up with 8.3. Dragons helped us to fight N’Zoth’s puppet Deathwing, now they step in once more to defeat the source of corruption, giving their scales to empower our necklace and heal the planet/titan.

Here goes another crazy idea: what if dragons in person help us fight N’Zoth, and hatched titan Azeroth will return their powers to serve as world wardens once again?


The patch is not about gameplay so much, albeit huge in lore. I expect that the 8.3. raid pops in January, and 9.0. in the next Blizzcon. For now, we are supposed to finish our Eternal Palace raiding, wrap up Nazjatar, Mechagon, all the little things, celebrate anniversary during after Blizzcon events in November, and play the reforged Classic and Warcraft III.

Breathe out :) We’re basically in a lull, but there’s gonna be a lot to discuss and lots of other things to do. I’m hyped.

8 thoughts on “Patch 8.2.5. Incoming!

  1. There is an evidence of Sylvannas – N’Zoth link:

    1) The whole Xal’Atath business. She sent Horde raid to retrieve the blade, then gave it to Nathanos who led Alliance fleet into Nazjatar. He was concentrating on the blade in cinematic, likely for navigational purposes. This ultimately resulted in attack on Eternal Palace and release of Azshara’s tentacled friend.

    2) Priscilla Ashvane. She was freed from Tol Dagor on Sylvannas’ orders, then boarded Banshee’s Wail and sailed into sunset, while Rexxar and Thalyssra tried to guess how exactly the Horde can benefit from deposed noble, left with no military power or influence. A few months later we see Ashvane in Nazjatar teaching nagas all about azerite, and – what a coincidence – the power of azerite is used to release N’Zoth.

    So it seems that it is logical to presume that there was some kind of cooperation between Sylvannas and at least Azshara.


    • Yes, these are intriguing, and fit into some scheme. But I simply cannot see any reason: why? What was Sylvanas’ motive behind all this?

      Void and Death aren’t allies, they pursue different goals. A perfect world, Sylvanas-wise, was turning living into undead. A perfect world, Old Gods-wise, is corruption of the living, not killing them. And some void manifestations tried to kill Sylvanas itself in Windrunner reunion comic.

      I could easily imagine N’Zoth scheming into making Sylvanas warchief and igniting faction war, thus weakening the factions which defeated his “brothers” previously. And yet it’s highly unlikely that Sylvanas has been his agent all along by her own will. Not after release from Arthas’ total control she’d be stupid enough to get lured into the same slave trap. It simply doesn’t fit her character. She’s always acting on her own, bowing to no one.

      And trying to use N’Zoth in her favor to ruin the Alliance is even way more stupid. There can be only pro-void and anti-void factions, and it’s clearly not her friend as I’ve mentioned before.


  2. I know you’re an Alliance main, but please think about the majority in the Horde playerbase, an Alliance suck up who never sticks up to defend his own people as Warchief would cause a massive uproar.

    Please think about that the next time you try to suggest the traitorous Baine as warchief.


    • It is true that Alliance is closer to me, but I’m playing 5 Horde toons now, and many more have come and gone. As I wrote previously, I invest in every toon I’m logging in with, and their feelings and thoughts matter no less than my ‘main’ s.

      To me and my Hordies Sylvanas is a traitor, undermining the very foundation of the Horde: honor and unity. She simply doesn’t fit for the job. While being a brilliant tactician, she is weak in strategy and high politics, eventually bringing the Horde to ruin.


      • No one’s denying anything about Sylvanas being bad, but you need to research on Baine.

        Baine has been a traitor to the Horde and all it stands for LONG BEFORE Sylvanas was ever warchief.

        He stands nothing for Honor Nor Unity, only Alliance subjucation of the Horde.

        When the Alliance firebombed civilians in Taurajo after all military forces had left the camp, Baine declared the dead civilians a military target. Yet Baine hypocritically threw a fit when Alliance military bases were attacked. Baine did nothing when the Gates of mulgore were attacked during the events of Cataclysm. Instead the tauren had to hold back this attack with orcs sent by Garrosh.

        Baine’s reaction to their heroism was despicable; exiling all tauren who defended against the Alliance invasion, even Jorn Skyseer who helped Baine reclaim ThunderBluff from the Grimtotem uprising was exiled. In doing so, Baine also broke the oath to the Horde stating members of the Horde shall always have the right to seek retribution without punishment(see the Blood Oath of the Horde quest).

        He gave the locations of his soldier to Jaina during the conflict, told Talanji to surrender at the funeral for her father’s still warm corpse, admited to trusting Alliance more then Horde and has never defended the Horde against the Alliance of his free will. Throughout his entire history, he’s always had issue killing Alliance and only does it out of fear for his own life, meanwhile Baine consistently kills members of the Horde with no regret.

        You can look all this up as its all true and sourced from the various novels. Baine is nothing but an Alliance sycophant, he may not have started out that way and its unlikely the writers intended it, but that is what the character became and hence he is very unpopular. The character can never be warchief.


        • Frankly I’m not a fan of novels – with very few exceptions it’s a very bad literature. I may try to make myself through them to see the events you’ve described.

          In game, Baine has always been somewhere in the background. Blizzard and players alike were ok with having someone in charge of Thunder Bluff, and this is it. He has got a more prominent role in Battle for Azeroth, and I can’t help supporting what he does, being the only vocal Horde leader working for peace and ending the totally unnecessary war, instead of mindlessly following whatever the banshee schemes. Even if it means sacrificing himself in the process. Being a peace advocate and promoting a maxima of live and let live is not the same as being a sycophant.


        • Late response.

          Yes, the novels are awful. Unfortunately they are also canon. Baine’s personality was entirely retooled for the worse thanks to those awful novels and it resulted in an entire event being cut.

          Originally Baine was going to help the tauren defending the Barrens and speak of avenging Taurajo, thanks to shit like Tides of War we lost it and got Baine saying the tauren civilians at Taurajo deserved death followed by him exiling the tauren defending the Barrens from an Alliance invasion.

          Baine has done “nothing” for the Horde in BFA, he spoke rudely to Talanji of surrendering to the Alliance over her father’s warm corpse after he was murdered by the Alliance, killed loyal Horde soldiers, and his breaking point wasn’t anything Sylvanas doing anything to the tauren, but just some random human getting raised. He’ll never be warchief material.


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