Trivia: A Little Grind

A small resume of this week’s whereabouts.


Micromantica’s final follower has reached level 15, this is a yay! 15 more days, and the Aqua Teen Murder Force will wrap up Nazjatar adventures. I’ll get Periodic Destruction by then – it requires a couple more cooldowns, so a crab mount is already winking at me :)

Other toons are almost 20 with their followers. Frankly I don’t know why I’m doing this – I don’t need them to adventure in Nazjatar itself anymore. It’s just a thing to while away time during queues along with world quests. 21 is Nautical something achievement though which allows to upgrade one of azerite perks, so that makes some sense.

I’ve got all the follower rewards already. Snapdragon mount and toy (which turns you into an Ankoan or an Unshakled) are shared between factions, so you can earn them once on either Horde or Alliance. Pet is different – it’s a recolor of glimmershell crabs.

Lore achievement and Azshara quest kill are off the grid – check.

No luck with weapon drops this week. Good thing is, the number of required runs is now so little that I pull them all off easily before the cooldown reset.

I’d like to level my major professions and cooking to 175, but it’s not vital. Just another thing to track and get busy with if I suddenly discover stacks of spare resources. Gorgul’s Blacksmithing though will bring Kul Tiran Master of All achievement.

Extra goals are about personal duties I’ve assigned my toons to. Micromantica’s line is 70 azerite level to see the story. Schlitzchen was picked for the biggest stack of manapearls to work towards a Horde recolor of manta mount. Melaris has 279 honor medals, and she now resumes warfronts and invasions to get the final, most expensive mount.

On her random trip around Zandalar Fearella has bumped into a direhorn which we almost killed when goblins tried to make it insta-grow into a warbeast. Now it’s a baby again, and it has a daily questline to grow it properly. Not that I need another triceratops mount or whatever the reward is in the end, but the process is super cute, and caring for a direhorn appeared to be so fun and amusing, that I’ll go for it :)

I’ve ran a couple of dungeons just for a change of activity with a Kul Tiran Balance druid, now she’s 49. Leveling is super-boring, I need this only for an achievement. And I have no bonds with the race at all, she’s due to be deleted at 110 immediately. Just in case, I’ve returned my previous druid – Jammu the Highmountain – and made her 364 ilvl in an hour. Now that’s who feels great! Maybe I even missed Balance a bit? I’m not planning to include her in my roster or goals yet. Just in case.


Blizzard has returned on the news rails about retail, already revealing recruit-a-friend, worgen/goblin models details, so it maybe a good sign. Shall we see the patch drop in the end of September – beginning of October? Either way, I’m fine with my game, I’ve got things to do at the very least until Blizzcon.

No Classic logins so far. My undead warlock is stationed at Brill and level 6, my gnome rogue is in Thelsamar and level 10. Only once I’m super-boooooored…

2 thoughts on “Trivia: A Little Grind

  1. That’s quite the list! I leveled my cooking by using the ionized fish caught in big handfuls and cooking the crit food, “big mech” or something like that. It seemed to go fast. Now I still have a 1000 of those fish in my bags, I over-did it.


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