One and Only?

I thought I’d write a small piece about transmogs and character looks in general.

All my constant readers know that transmog collections are a thing – maybe one of the core things – in my gameplay. Achievements and goals are nice, but they in turn serve the ultimate goal: Character.

My toons from day one have never been “I want a class to play”. I never care about simulations, care about specs or which provides more damage/healing etc. – in two words, any practical reasons. My toons are – first and foremost – Characters.

This is why I’m an altoholic, and swap races a lot. I’m writing a character story in WoW through gaming, and once I feel that a character stopped fitting feel well with me, I would invent a new transmog/barbershop image to play a different role, race swap, or even delete a toon if nothing else works. In that particular order.

And that is why I collect mounts and transmogs. Out of hundreds of options your character’s new persona may have the only option if any.

Latest example: my Jagda the Shaman, swapped from a Dark Iron, wears the mountaineer, bright and shiny armor which shouts abouts Bronzebeard pride and valor:


Scraping my list of 325+ mounts yesterday, I couldn’t pick a single air mount for her! Of course I have all types of firebirds, including ashes of Al’ar and what not which could fit an Elemental Shaman, but I don’t like riding the living fire :) Dragons are too bulky to my taste. The only option that could fit would be a gryphon – older smaller type, but my collection lacks the only mount armor color I see fit here: yellow or gold. For now I’m settled with a red version, but it’s not exactly that. Alas.

As for transmogs, I could have never thought of using those slippers from Dazar’alor sets. Well, what do you know, once Schlitzchen came into Nazjatar, she was urged to take off her full body armor – I felt that it should be beach-type, sea ocean floor, moist and what not. She went with bright colors reminding of her Kezan adventures, and voila:


It appeared to be the only shoes that fit these looks :)

Transmogs and mounts are never enough.

8 thoughts on “One and Only?

  1. I have a lot of stuff I’ve collected for Transmogrification that I don’t ever think I’ll use specifically to use that particular item, but just to have on hand for when it might be just the right piece to pull an ensemble together.
    Playing mostly Tauren, though, I have a tendency to ignore shoes. Those bone-topped sandals on Schlitzchen look neat!

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    • Ignoring shoes is cheating xD They are actually my biggest tmog problem, especially for plate armored toons. If you’re a knight, you’re supposed to put your feet into a couple of steamboats, or so Blizzard thinks.

      There’s actually a severe lack of tight boots for every armor type. I’ve been specifically farming an awesome black leather pair in Karazhan, and I used it a lot once they dropped.


  2. There are new 75000-gold gryphons available from Kul Tiran factions quartermasters, have you considered them for Jagda?

    Also, maybe Pandaren Lorewalkers’ flying disk could fit her? It is steel-colored with small golden circles.


    • Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m talking about – these are the big versions of gryphons that I find less agile and enjoyable than Stormwind’s starter pack.

      Disc doesn’t fit her character fantasy, 100% Bronzebeard. Well, at least I have a perfect ground mount – yellow (!) and shiny ram from Brewfest boss drop.


  3. I’m in a weird place with transmog right now, you’d laugh if you look at my login screen because I seem to have one favourite mog, per armor class – so you’ll often find my mage, warlock and priest all looking like besties wearing the same clothes – maybe I should spend some time giving them unique looks with matching mounts – just for some…variety. Don’t you wish we could use that ‘favourite mount’ button PER alt? That would make sense for alt immersion don’t you think?


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