Look at All the Secrecy!

With less than 2 months before Blizzcon, I can’t help but wonder about the lack of datamined information about WoW. Blizzard is definitely trying to keep the intrigue, encrypting all the files and hiding them from the community.

There is an interesting datamined Saurfang model:



It bears his son’s medallion from the cinematic – the one he took off because he didn’t think of himself as worthy. Apparently he will put it on again and lead the revolution.

Sylvanas was chosen to represent WoW in a Blizzcon poster, so that opens a field for speculation too.

We know almost for sure that 8.2.5. is going to be an anniversary and cosmetic patch more than anything else. Timewalking raids with a Deathwing mount as a reward, worgen/goblin models and other small things which are definitely not enough to sustain the player interest until 8.3.

The best that could happen in 8.2.5. lorewise is a deep dive into the Horde civil war theme, Alliance and Horde combined and working together. If I were Blizzard, I would implement a great batch of lore here. Dailies, warfront, reworked zones like Durotar and Mulgore. A long storyline, time-gated as in Suramar, for building a Horde resistance, and preparing the new figures to lead the faction – enter Calia Menethil for the Undead, Saurfang stepping in to lead the Orcs, signing Baine as the new Horde’s warchief. A climactic raid or scenario with a boss or two to dethrone Sylvanas. And in 8.3., with a peace treaty, we have our hands untied to destroy N’Zoth and solve Azeroth wound/corruption problem.

With N’Zoth released and Blizzard hinting that we’ll know the big bad in the end of Eternal Palace, this seems to be the only option possible. N’Zoth is also a must big bad because he’s tied to Azeroth storyline, and this in return is tied to our necklace which is due to go before 9.0.

Surely this is quite cramped, and Sylvanas’ story is climactic enough to wrap up the whole expansion, but Blizzard cannot risk 8.4. in current conditions. Sylvanas won’t be dead anyways, and she will most certainly survive and serve as a link into 9.0. She may not even be a boss these days, this could be resolved in a cinematic too.

Frankly what I’m writing here is quite transparent, and the whole secrecy is about not making people mad in advance (Sylvanas loyalists and everything), cause when you see the name of the raid, story, patch, or warfront, it will be all too clear. Blizzard wants a tribune for a big announcement and following explanations from the stage.

I’d say Blizzcon 2019 considering Warcraft franchise is gonna be as follows:

  • Release of 8.2.5. – worgen/goblin models, anniversary events, war campaign sequel (hopefullly wrapped up)
  • Release of Warcraft III Reforged as a part of anniversary event
  • Announcement of 8.3. and the big bad: release date ~February 2020

I doubt about the announcement of 9.0. very much. Sylvanas, as a link between expansions (new Northrend? Shadowlands?), is yet to be exiled in the game, and we haven’t even touched N’Zoth. It’s a great deal of information coming to be digested, so I’d say we’ll get an announcement in Spring after the final patch release. And we cannot get a cinematic or an idea when we don’t know how the current story could possibly end!

Speculations or not, I hope that the WoW panels will be big, and with lots of information. It just has to be. I’m thinking of buying a virtual ticket this year.

4 thoughts on “Look at All the Secrecy!

    • This one is highly unlikely.

      Garrosh, as a Mag’har, saw an opportunity to make Horde great again. The turning point was corruption of the orcs by the Legion and Shadow Council, so a Horde without Fel, orc-only Horde was easily his ideal.

      Sylvanas, on the other hand, has no purpose in nostalgy – it was grief and sorrow. But! ever since the defeat of the Lich King, her personal vendetta over, she was struggling to forge a perfect undead world. Making her warchief was merely a nuisance she actually didn’t want, and she used this position as an opportunity to destroy Stormwind and raise its inhabitants as her new subjects.

      In turn, N’Zoth may have secretly used her (or Vol’jin spirit) to ignite the useless faction war and weaken us, but she’s never been a void agent by her own will.

      Once even the Lordaeron undead turn against her (well, they do want to be with the Horde, and they’ll be shown less murderous ways of survival by Calia), I can easily see her trying something completely different: allying with the Lich King Bolvar and forging a brand new – undead – world.

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