IRL: Travel

I’m not kidding when I’m saying that travel is my second major hobby after WoW :)

In this completely game unrelated post I’d like to share the list of places I’ve already been to, because last month I’ve crossed the threshold of 70 cities and 20 countries :) Some of them were visited once, and some of them were visited so often that I stopped counting, especially in Finland, Sweden, Baltic countries and Russia. Here goes:


In a couple of weeks Tampere, Finland will be added to the list.

Me and my wife are not fans of hiking or beach vacations – we prefer vibrant cities, where you can gaze at awesome architecture (our legs normally hurt by the end of the day… see Rome in one day? Check!), see the lifestyles, meet many people, but also sleep in beds and have wi-fi :) Our ideal vacation is walking and exploring an unknown city until our legs fall off, getting acquainted with local people and cultures and sample local cuisines.

Our top priority plans for the nearest years are Lithuania, Georgia, South Korea and Hong Kong. It’s a must for us to visit US (New Orleans and New York), Mexico and Rio some day, but so far it’s way too expensive for us – not with our apartment loan running anyways :)

Travel is awesome, go for it not only in WoW :)

2 thoughts on “IRL: Travel

  1. That is one helluva list. When ever I visit a new city or country, I research the food (usually by asking people there). I like trying the local food and often a city is “known” for a specific thing and I don’t want to miss that!


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