Classic: How Long Will It Take?

So… Classic has been an overwhelming success so far. From all media and social networks there are signals that people like it a lot, playing it eagerly – and in favor of retail too, and it reanimates players who have quited WoW for the time-being of BfA or even several expansions.

Question is: how long will it last?

No doubt that Classic bears a strong sense of nostalgy, and the processTM of becoming stronger is quite appealing – myself included. My rogue is in awe from Loch Modan which is still a loch, and once she learned dual-wielding and acquired two 13-damage and green quest daggers instead of one 1-3 damage, things became way better in her camp.

The problem is: everything ends. No matter how slowly you level up, in several weeks or months you’ll be there at level cap. You’ll get a mount, even an upgraded one, you’ll get bags, and gold, and all abilities, and start running raid(s), leaving dungeons behind… Here we go, endgame. And unlike retail, there will be no other duties and goals than a raid farming night once a week (probably PvP, if you’re into one). What’s it in Classic for you then?

I know I’d level a Horde toon too to see the capitals and cities of the opposite faction. I know I want a level cap and try to see most old quest stories, albeit they’re anti-climactic unlike Cataclysm and on. I know I will park my toon somewhere to be able to login and travel the Azeroth unharmed by Deathwing. But this is where it ends to me.

How do you see yourself playing Classic after hitting 60?

4 thoughts on “Classic: How Long Will It Take?

  1. My hunch is they will stagger in patches to Classic in between retail patches so people can work on one until they get weary of it, then log over to the other. It will allow them some breathing room on patch cycles in retail without players breathing down their neck. It will increase MAU numbers for the franchise, make the stock holders happy. It won’t be perfect for everyone. Some will demand they do more for retail, some will want more for Classic. I just hope they realize that doing so is lighting a candle at both ends just to get more light. Sooner or later players will burn out at both ends and then we are all in the dark.


    • I don’t think resources are such a big issue.

      Classic is more about coding and support, as they don’t add anything new. New expansion development is story- and questwriting, music, developing new systems (garrisons and artifacts), class overhauls – they don’t have to do anything of that in older expansions. And I’ve heard that arts and design is what takes the longest during development, so in this case we’re in a good position.

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      • I can see where they’ve updated Classic graphics. Or at least I think they did. The default Classic setting has flat dirt and grass. But when you raise the graphics to max you now have 3d grass that moves with you. I don’t know if that was originally in the game, but if it wasn’t, then they are at least maybe giving new art department hires some work raising the old visuals to new standards.


  2. I dont see myself reaching 60 actually. I like to hop in and cook up some food from the local area and hand it out to travelers at the inn. Or play around on the AH and try to grab some money.

    In only level 10. But I have been having some fun


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