Manta Mount: Check


250 manapearls and Exalted to get this pretty.

The mount appeared to be quite cool: it’s not that floppy, it’s small, agile and flies smoothly, while at the same time I feel its remarkable speed. I could imagine myself riding it if environment fits!

My Alliance from now on stops bothering about manapearls, and will just stack them. I’m not saving Horde’s manapearls yet, maybe I should for a recolor. Anyways I’m crawling to Exalted through Unshackled emissary, so why not.

Another cross out from Nazjatar duties.

  • I’m two days from wrapping up Nazjatar lore questline on all toons.
  • Three toons have not killed Azshara yet for a quest.
  • 6 weapons to farm – no tries this week yet.
  • 25 follower levels – 25 days to complete Aqua Team Murder Force
  • 3 weeks for 3 elementals in Mardivas lab.
  • And we’re done in 8.2.

October is so gonna be a lull time :)


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