Trivia: If You Don’t Get Loot, Maybe You Have to Raid?

I can’t say that I’ve been idle during 1,5 months of Eternal Palace LFR, and yet the number of unobtained transmogs, as well as number of runs per week was way unsufficient.

This week was finally a breakthrough point, as I moved the whole army of my alts to storm Azshara’s palace. And look: weren’t we successful?

I’ve finished all armor sets, the last one being leather:


Btw, I dislike only the plate armor, which is not inspiring. The other armor types provide awesome coral-themes, which is a cool addition to my collections.

We’ve also acquired several weapons, crossing out bosses and even wings from my spreadsheet:

August 27


September 2


I’ve got really few transmogs left now. No one could help Pins with her daggers, so she’s on her own :) Same is with Melaris – a warglaive from Za’qul is her sole responsibility. Others share loot.

Looting a caster staff will cross out Azshara from 6 toons (12 tries per week with tokens!), and we’re done with her. Nikkeli and Paitsu are trying for the same agility spear from Gorgonzola Orgozoa (4 tries per week with tokens). The best of all are plate armored guys: the only thing they want is a 1H axe, and it drops from both Za’qul and Sivara. Once any of them is lucky (12 tries per week with tokens!), the palace is done for.

On Nazjatar front, there’s a lot rolling on to the end of the tunnel:

  • Micromantica is only 30+ pearls away from Exalted mount
  • She has also finished all the achievements but the couple of time-gated ones.
  • 4 weeks to finish Periodic Destruction in Mardivas Lab
  • 4 weeks to finish Aqua Team Murder Force – she’s already working on the last Follower.
  • All toons will finish raid attunement in the coming few days and wrap up the Nazjatar story.
  • If I’m not lazy, I can reach level 20 on all Horde followers this week, get their prizes like mount, pet and all, and be done with it.

I’m looking at a king-size lull now. I’m not afraid of it, and actually looking forward to it, because there’s a number of things I’d like to wrap up before the next patch:

  • Exploration achievements;
  • Archaeology achievements;
  • Picking up leveling a Kul Tiran and a Zandalari from their 45s for an achievement and a goodbye;
  • Camping Rustfeather;
  • Grinding azerite necklace to a maximum level on Micromantica to see all the stories.

Retail keeps me busy and engaged, and what do you know, to progress here you may just have to play the game :)

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