Classic: My First Baby Steps

While I’m surely busy with alts in Nazjatar and Eternal Palace, it surely leaves me exhausted on the N-th run, and I need a change of scenery. So Classic serves as a nice distraction (as planned).

Saturday’s late evening allowed me to login on my character (The Character, how cool is that), and off I went.

I finally managed to scrape myself out of the starting Coldridge Valley area, and Dun Morogh was at my service. There are basically three questing areas – Gol’Bolar Quarry, Kharanos and Brewnall camp by Gnomeregan. I was ready for quests being different from post-Cataclysm version, I was ready for legwork and absense of flight points. What I was not ready for that quest number would be so scarce.

As far as I remember, there should have been at least a couple of hubs more – namely the ram ranch with a yeti boss, and something to do with dark iron spies by Loch Modan border. Nah, did not happen. Maybe I should look better, but no questgiver was available on my way. They just sent me to Loch Modan, and this is it. Where, by the way, quests are too high for my level now.

Loch Modan! This is why I play Classic in the first place:


On the bright side of Classic, I am also excited to develop my character in many ways. Learning new spells and perks, and acquiring gear. Right now I’m all in white and grey stuff, not a single green item. This is a natural excitement of any new MMORPG and every fresh character, and Classic is definitely a new one. It was cool to buy and equip throwing daggers (200 in a slot!) for distance aggroing.

On the downside, the gaming process is grim, dark, and full of terrors. Mind you, I’m ok with the given inconveniences – like bag space, gold, walking marathons and all else. What I strongly detest are the quests’ execution and combat system.

Quests are a pain to do. Mob tagging, respawn and drop rates and ridiculous mob level range are pain. I was sent for 8 wendigo hides nextdoor, and it took me an hour to complete. I’m still struggling with the trauma of acquiring 6 shimmerweeds – it took me an hour break before I gritted my teeth and decided to proceed with them. You are struggling to tag at least one mob, and desperately run in circles, but then three will spawn on the top of your head -> cemetery run. It literally takes forever! You, as a level 6, are killing a 6-level mob, no sweat, but then a 7-level one will arrive and stomp you into the ground. And you can’t do anything about it: just helplessly watch. You can’t outdamage the mob – even potions and bandages won’t do the trick. Running away will get you dazed and killed even faster than face-to-face combat. 

Speaking of combat: it’s clumsy, uninspiring, and ridiculous. I’m a rogue, so I’m supposed to open up from stealth with a backstab, which will give me some advantage. Lol. Mobs ignore your stealth. I’ve tried so hard to sneak from the back – but mobs are walking and changing direction all the time, so this is all in vain. It will say “Urrgh?” and then attack you from at least 15 feet – stealthed! Yes, mobs of your own level. The only way you can use stealth is sneaking at neutral mobs – which would not pay attention to you if you walked openly anyways.

Needless to say, this is pain. Those 9 levels are looking at you all traumatized and with tears and horror in her blue eyes:


Journey, my ass :)

Btw, in the first six days people not only reached level 60, but also already killed Ragnaros. 5 of them were not even level 60, because access to the raid is given at 55. So much for Classic being hard, and required gear with fire resistance, and what not :) The only hard thing about it is developers being new to MMORPG and introducing a clunky gameplay. How long people will be engaged there? We shall see.

P.S. I’ve met the best nickname for a long time:


6 thoughts on “Classic: My First Baby Steps

  1. I think some of our view is based on memory of our classes from when we were stronger, certainly once we get a few talent points allocated. For me I see talent choices that reduce the threat of my damaging spells. I was thrilled when my wife’s Warlock not her Blueberry. Finally we have a tank, I cast one spell and it’s on me like butter on toast. I have lost track how many times I have died and run back. My wife? Less than 10 times in 14 levels, half in one spot because the mobs we needed to kill were a level higher than us. Questing with a buddy certainly makes things easier, and while my memory may be foggy from a decade ago, I thought once you tagged something of a higher level person not in party killed it you got full XP as if you soloed it. Either my brain is wrong or they fixed that to not matter. I had my level 13, my wife had her Rouge at 8, she angroed a Target, got in an extra swing, I helped finish it. She got 62. We partied up, same thing, same creature and level, she got 62. I did pick up on not getting any XP for me if the targets are 5 levels lower than me. That seems different from what I remember way back when.

    As for the guild Apes killing Rag and Onyxia. From what I have heard, they have been playing Vanilla wow on a private server for years. They know all the strategies, are using all of the most current add on programs that have been developed over 15 years. They knew exactly what to do, who to bring, and how to do it. What’s surprising to me is we didn’t see a Method, or any of the other top names even come close.

    Classic is hard going, picking what spells or abilities you want to learn because you only have 21 silver, skipping profession recipes because you don’t have enough money, trying to go solo is hard. It is a game that was designed to push you to group up. If I had to do an unofficial poll based on guild activity I’d say it’s about 65/35 leaning towards Classic being more popular. Will it stay that way? I don’t know. It’s a break from playing my one character in retail that I needed. I can understand where you are at, you have a few Alts and you have goals for collecting appearances. And the current state of the game allows for that. For me playing my one, it’s been hard finding the desire to log in. I even passed up 2000 gold as a reward for doing 4 quests. Since Draenor, money is not a thing I chase or worry about. I certainly won’t be buying those expensive mounts. 😃. Classic is making me appreciate some of the quality of life changes that have been made. But also has me thinking, what would make the current game better if they were removed.

    Oh, and your missing quests? I gave in and downloaded Questie. Mostly so I could find those dozens of quests I thought should be there. I found 6 near the starting area I missed which once completed unlocked others. Also reviewing the log in the add on shows me in Trisfal Glades, I still have about a dozen, but the quests are for level 40’s. So it’s possible your memory is right, but you’re just not a high enough level to see them.

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    • I don’t remember what leveling was like in WotLK when I started, so I perceive the gameplay as given now :) Talents might help of course when I start earning them, new abilities too.

      I sometimes envy people with only one character, but it has its drawbacks. For one thing, you’d miss all the opportunities you may have liked – as in how cool is it hurling warlock’s Chaos Bolts :) Most specs and classes have the most addictive flavor. Also managing this many alts maybe stretching me thin at times, but also keeps me on track where one character would have already done everything and quit for good.

      I’m not planning any group gameplay, I’d just level a character slowly and painfully :) Nothing would stop me to come for the quests I missed later, now I just follow the road given.

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  2. Carbot videos as always are funny, thank you :-)

    Classic is not harder but more tedious, i started playing with that in mind, there are different mechanics made to make the game last long while leveling, the long travel, the low drop rate which is silly, how can a spider with 8 legs drop no leg!? or how could a beast be a live with no meat!

    This tediousness push people to group so they can finish questing faster, and i’m afraid that Blizzard will learn this lesson from Classic instead of trying to come up with a more fun or rewarding way to make people require groups.

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    • Lorewise, it can be justified that you’re so unexperienced that you spoil the parts you need, so it requires skill and luck to cut out a pristine bear ass that a questgiver may actually use :)

      Yes, that what scares me most :) Blizzard tends to learn the wrong lessons, and trying to fix a problem they often go into extremes on the other end.

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  3. Great vid.
    For me, I am surprised at the different mind set that I have. In Classic I got a gun drop and had to go all the way to Iron Forge to learn guns; it was fun and exciting — but if that happened in BfA, I’d be outraged!


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