Trivia: Not a Fan of “Evil”

Blizzard has always been able to sell us players the evil point of view as naturally and easily as possible.

You may have desperately defended the human realms during RTS campaigns. But when the campaign toggles to another race, you are sending swarms of the Zerg, Orcish hordes or spreading the Undead Blight – and doing so with a laugh and a happy grin. Yes, mutilating and razing the very same villages, colonies and cities you’ve just defended and hated the monster adversaries with every fiber of your soul.

Warcraft offers multiple options to please your “evil” part of nature. From classes and specs (shadow priests, fire mages, warlocks, death knights, demon hunters) to races (trolls, worgen, void elves, undead) – canonically they may justify their heel-face turn whatever they want, but players would most likely pick the said race or class for its evil connotation: destructive, murderous, power hungry, savage – name it. Btw, it works both ways – few people are known to pick a paladin, a holy priest or a druid to roleplay a dark character, as well as gnomes, tauren, draenei, humans are most often picked and seen as good guys.

And Blizzard manages to make the evil guys cool – in every sense. Visuals, rotations and abilities, awesome stories, drama – every aspect of an evil class, race or spec is done top-notch and helps with immersement. It’s no wonder I will at least dip my toes in the class/race and level a character. Yet the longer I play on a cap level, the more it starts to irritate me. I just don’t feel the bonds with “evil”, and I’m not ready to invest in a toon’s persona.

And this is the reason for me to get rid of or race swap an “evil” character. A savage troll kitty or rogue – no. An undead – no. Blood elves are no doubt on the evil side of the plate to me. A worgen – never played one beyond introduction questline for lore sakes. My current goblins are happy and caring girls, especially a shaman, but a warlock goblin felt too much. I’ve leveled as much as 3 fire mages from level one to cap, all deleted now. However slower holy priest’s gameplay is, I’m not switching to shadow for more than a day then to forget about it for good. Now and then I would roll or try an orc, and this is due to the fact that they’re pushing honor before bloodlust ever since Warcraft III. Well, you get the idea :)

I’ve had a suspicion that my Dark Iron won’t live long, even if I was so much in anticipation about getting them, and well, it’s time when I say no to evil once again :) Don’t get me wrong, I had some great time leveling and playing her, but this is another moment when “evil” fatigue caught me.

I’ve kept the name Jagda, because it’s a cool dwarven one, and I didn’t want to race swap to draenei, panda or god forbid kul tiran:


With transmog, I went with the opposite for now – the lightest version I could pick. Because in the wake of N’Zoth, the world needs its champions to shine bright :) And now she looks like a proper, most classic hero of the Alliance and Khaz Modan.

I also decided she would match the hair color and transmog with my hunter. I haven’t worked out their relations yet, but I think they would hail from the same village and clan of Dun Morogh:


I guess next time I’d like to roll or race swap for an “evil” toon, I should know better :) It’s just not my thing!

3 thoughts on “Trivia: Not a Fan of “Evil”

  1. Most of my Blood Elves may be just a little bit evil — they are all those “evil” classes that the “more noble” Tauren cannot be — but I love them anyway. My Mage is not evil, though, even when she’s in Fire spec.

    For curiosity’s sake: what makes burning someone to death as a Fire Mage more evil than freezing someone to death as a Frost Mage, or burning + electrocuting someone to death as an Elemental Shaman?


    • The only purpose of fire is to destroy, and picking that specialization in training tells a lot about a person :) It is attractive to those that seek power – a destructive power. If I had to name three fire mages out of the top of my head, would be Kael’thas (succumbed to madness and serving Legion), the last boss in Scarlet Monastery, the guy in Baine’s liberation scenario (quite a mad one).

      Frost, on the other hand, is attractive to a serene nature, and while it could be deadly, it serves as a protection first and foremost. Take Jaina – even in a fierce battle of Dazar’Alor she first used her magic merely to stall the Horde’s advance to let Alliance deal with Rastakhan, and even in the climax battle she didn’t kill anyone. She froze a sea along with the zandalari fleet – that’s how powerful she is, and yet she didn’t put an ice lance through a single zandalari’s eye :) In battle for Lordaeron she used her ice magic to incapacitate Horde’s troops and clear the field from blight.


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