Trivia: Rare Hunt in Nazjatar

I had 4 rares remaining for Nazjatar rare achievement: one of the three Scale Matriarch hydras, Leth’Sindra, Soundless and Anemonar. All of them are quite tricky to kill: extra conditions for spawning and a rumored insane respawn timer for Soundless.

Yesterday I queued for the Azshara run, and just in case hovered where hydras spawn. The trick here is: hydras rotate on daily basis, so you cannot kill all three at once and have to check out daily if it’s the one you need. So you not only camp the required spot, but all three to learn which Scale Matriarch arrives tonight.

I was lucky, and Vynara appeared, relieving me from hydra duties :) Then I went off to Leth’sindra spot. It’s located in Deepcoil Tunnels – the area where you’re allowed to fly. You (or other players too) will need to click 5 active small glowing eggs to spawn her. Make sure you find them first and see that no one clicked any of them before. Clusters of two and two are located on neighboring pillars, and the fifth one resides up the ramp on the fallen column nearby. Luckily the eggs were available, so once I learned the egg location, I clicked them off, and Leth’sindra was off the list.

Then my queue came up. People there had just one tank, no determination, and were camping in front of Za’qul. I’ve waited patiently, but clicking on custom groups has brought me the exciting news: Soundless up! Immediately I quit the raid, but alas, the rare was already killed while I struggled with loading screens. Apart from achievement, this is a very popular rare cause it drops a mount, it has several spawn points all over the coral forest, so I’ll need persistence in camping it.

As I quit the raid, I though whatever, let’s make it a rare hunt evening :) And started a group for Anemonar – probably the trickiest rare of all in Nazjatar.

Anemonar is always there. He’s the largest coral ancient which stands at the end of the most southern road in coral forest (if you look at the map). He cannot be targeted, and you need to fulfil a tricky requirement to make him alive.

The trick is to kite a Colossal Ray to him and kill it on top of the ancient, making sure that their hitboxes more or less match. And Colossal Rays are not something you can easily get. The closest one hovers in perfect circles around Dragon Teeth Basin.

The closest point where you can get him is cliffs above Newhome (Horde’s base). And even there it requires some work. You are out of range with any spells, any class. After multiple strategies that we tried our tank aggroed him from a mount and used a goblin glider to slide to our platform. The manta has an extremely short aggro leash, so it will quit as soon as it gets a chance.

Manta at our platform, the rest was relatively easy. Tank kites him slowly, making sure he doesn’t drop aggro, healer heals (manta bites very hard), dps deal minor damage, because we need it to survive until Anemonar. Trying it in a raid group maybe the worst idea, because coordinating dps outcome could be hard. Even if we went in a classic “dungeon” setup (tank-healer-3 dps), we dropped its health by 50% halfway, so we had to slow down. Another trouble which nearly made us lose it were our followers. When we jumped off the next cliff, followers gained manta’s aggro on top, and it just won’t follow us :) Problem was solved by dismissing them, but it was a tight spot. I’m not sure if something has to be done at the Anemonar, but just in case we let the manta cast Caustic Fumes on him.

Long story short, it’s been a most exciting hunt :) Even if i didn’t manage to raid yesterday like I planned, I went off to bed with a smile :) One rare to go!

P.S. Soundless popped up 10 minutes later when I switched to follower duties on Jellica. Alas, Micromantica wouldn’t have made it in time, because encounter was already in progress, so I just helped to kill it with the priest. No mount :)

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