Trivia: Azshara Rollercoaster & Trying FFXIV

Azshara’s raiding wing is a lottery. Yesterday’s run was super cool: we had an experienced tank who led the raid, and the boss was down on our second attempt when the new people got the grip of the mechanics. Gorgul the Orc Warrior finished his quest, he requires nothing from her, so his chapter is over.

Yes, she still requires a nerf, and yes, I’m not gonna spend on her more runs than required. Still, she’s quite beatable, and I think developing a buddhist, serene approach is vital: if it works, it works. I’m cool with re-runs now.

My list of goals is due for a downgrade considering alts. Here’s what I plan until 8.2.5.:

  • ilvl on all alts 400 or up
  • All transmogs from Eternal Palace
  • Covering up storyline for Nazjatar including Azshara kill on all alts (requires 3000 follower experience)
  • One follower per alt at 30, and different ones to get all they could offer
  • Micromantica achievement meta: Undersea Usurper
  • Nazjatar mount for 250 pearls
  • No more Mechagon except trying for the Rustfeather’s mount
  • Covering up exploration achievements from Kul Tiras and Zandalar
  • At least Micromantica should reach 67 with azerite to see all the lore stories enveloped in the upgrades

This is where I draw the line. I think that by the end of September everything will be accomplished, and thus this chapter ends for me.

My major concern with 8.2. stays the same. The Nazjatar part is pretty shallow and scarce concerning major lore. There are no bonds to the new races (Ankoan/Unshackled), so we are denied both a chance to learn about their new cultures and a purpose to fight alongside/for them. Mechagon was a fun playground, and a solid side story, but now, when achievements reached a point of an endless grind / insane difficulty, I pass. The raid is great and provides very nice coral theme transmogs, but it somehow also feels anti-climactic, because we didn’t have a proper lead-in there. And eventually I just while away time, waiting for anyhting big to happen.

I’ve read a guide on Vanilla’s frost mage, and laughed for a good deal of 2 minutes when I read: position yourself far enough from boss and cast Frostbolt. I’m not playing this joke of a game anyhow serious :) It will take me only as much as getting to Loch Modan, parking on the shores of the great loch, and this is it.

Kaylriene’s frequent posts about FFXIV and everything good I’ve heard about the game made me install it yesterday (again), and this time I’ll try to make it farther than my previous attempt of level 5 and see what the fuss is all about.

I’m no stranger to anime, so the visual style is quite appealing. For a start, I’ve picked a Hyur (human) character and made her a Lancer – a class you rarely see in MMORPG. Obviously, the spear guys rely on slow and powerful attacks.

I’m struggling with the interface yet, although I’ve already learned some basics. I’ve got three major concerns so far.

First, it’s graphics settings. It’s cool that you can see every ray of the Sun through the tree leaves, all the realistic play of light and shadow, but it turns the ground into mosaic where you can lose your character :) Maybe I need to get used to it yet and visit other zones.

Second, it’s nameplates. I’ve learned how to delete player names out of my sight, but for some reason every player has a vanity pet, and their nameplates just won’t go anywhere. I’ve turned off every pet nameplate option I’ve met in settings, and it didn’t do the trick. In WoW and elsewhere, I turn off every nameplate except for enemies during combat.

Third, it’s questing. The story path to follow is not quite clear. I’ve completed the introduction quests in the town and was left with nothing to do, cause all available quests are too high for my level. Some interface (not quest) requires me to train in killing simple mobs, so I went there in the woods, killed them, and came across a camp with more available quests that I could do. Is it how you’re supposed to play? Well, I’m eager to explore, but I would prefer the story to take me by the hand and not let go :) Maybe it’s just newbie issues and I’ll know better. I’m eager to put an effort, but the game seems not too welcome for newcomers.

Well, anyways, I’ll give it a try.

8 thoughts on “Trivia: Azshara Rollercoaster & Trying FFXIV

  1. I started FFXIV last month and had a similar experience. They recently announced they’ll be updating the base game to condense the main quest line. Details weren’t available when I last checked. I sure hope it helps!


  2. I’ve heard there are all-difficulty nerfs coming for Azshara, so that is good news!

    As for the MSQ in FFXIV – the early phase is a bit slow as you only get a new MSQ quest every couple of levels. The UI should have a frame for it, that will tell you the next quest and when you click it I believe it’s supposed to tell you where to go for it – I haven’t used it since Stormblood so I could be wrong but it’s worth a look!

    Agree on the early visuals – the game can be a bit blended together early on, especially for classes that start in the Shroud – all the gear is earthy tones and so is the environment. When you eventually go from Lancer to Dragoon job, the gear gets a lot more distinct :)


    • Good to know about the enivronment! Yesterday I’ve tried literally every combination of graphics, including all options at max level, and it is still “grainy” (I don’t know how to describe this). A minor help is turning off grass, but it’s not solving the problem in full.

      Quest problem is actually solved, now I have plenty to do :)

      Now I have another major trouble: controlling my character. I wish A/D buttons worked like in WoW – just turning the character, not making him run at the same time. Can it be tuned? Cause this is actually the only thing that spoils my gameplay at large.


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