Azshara: The Third Eredar Boss

By the results of the first week in Circle of Stars, I hereby label Queen Azshara as the third eredar boss of WoW.

Very few bosses have posed that much trouble to LFR like the infamous couple of Kil’Jaeden in Tomb of Sargeras and Archimonde in the finale of Draenor. Both fights were complex, ridiculously long, there were no phases to catch a breath (as celestial phase in Argus case), and the battlefield turned into a mess by the end of the encounter, decimating players by numbers. Both required insane coordination – the thing that is not easily achieved in random groups – and overall character power, making it almost impossible to finish the fight at the admission ilvl.

Azshara is exactly the boss. There are no mechanics that could have been ignored, the encounter demands execution from each and every player, every next death will result in insufficient DPS, and the fight is long and complex with multiple stuff to do.

All those problems combined provide discouraging dynamics in LFR groups. Ironically, these are not the target LFR audience (like myself), which are ready to stay, learn and improve. The problem are “experienced” players which dwell in normal and heroic modes and visit LFR for whatever reasons. They come all ready to pick their nose and ignore all the mechanics (cause, you know, it’s LFR), and find out that LFR also requires learning, trying and execution. After a couple of wipes, even if group progresses, plays better and gains stacks of determination, which makes the encounter easier, they would call everyone retards, and rage quit. God forbid these guys are tanks, because after a tank leaves, the whole group vanishes like a dandelion in the wind. And the whole raid wing outcome depends merely on the percentage of the described assholes in the group. I was lucky on Friday – it really required just one try to finish her. It was a decisive victory, and the reason was cool and friendly people which paid attention to the encounter tactics.

I will run Azshara several times yet – at least for the quest and until I get the few transmogs from her – but she won’t be my favorite boss for that reason. She is overtuned, that is so true. A health pool nerf is most welcome – at least 10% cut for the boss and the mobs. While I see G’huun as a messy, but fun boss, and Jaina as a perfect one to wrap up the tier, I can’t wait to get done with Azshara and never come back. I think even Crucible was tuned better – at least Uu’nath was an issue of executing mechanics, not gear on top.

On the bright side, another armor set is done:


The plate armored toons will run for several remaining weapons, and be done :)

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