Just in Case

…I’ve reserved a couple of characters for Vanilla.

They are a replica of my very first toons during WotLK’s first login. Obviously I saved Micromantica the Gnome Frost Mage, a pre-decessor of my current main, first of her name.

The second one – which was actually my very first toon – is a Gnome Rogue named Joyhickey, named after a character from “My Name is Earl” series which I was watching back then :) I’m not sure what spec should I choose in Vanilla for her. I always liked Assassination, but swapped to Subtlety due to Haste issues from Legion and on.

If I’m gonna play Vanilla at all, you may find me at Mirage Raceway realm, non-RP and Normal. A gnome-related realm name is awesome :)

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