Trivia: Of Toons, Goals and Raiding

The past week’s been my vacation week, and apart from some travel and sightseeing in cities around my hometown I managed to get all my toons through the raid wings.

Cloth toons will be the best to report: they have obtained every piece from Eternal Palace!


Not only the full set, but all weapons are mine now as well. By the way, it was news that priests of all clothies can wield maces, but I got that too! The only thing now I lack for them is a staff which drops from Azshara only, and after that they could go on raiding standby until next tier.

Not that lucky with other armor types, but they have crossed out several items as well, weapons too. It’s a relief that I can skip some bosses already.


I feel like I’m done with Mechagon grinding for now. I’ve raked through the achievement requirements, and frankly I’m not in the mood to continue. Most of them require some insane amount of spare parts (and it’s gonna be just mid-achievements), or RNG at its best for drops. Operation: Mechagon re-runs for drops are also to be executed, and that’s not what I’m gonna do, no sir.

For what it’s worth, Mechagon has become a hard and grindy version of itself at this stage. And… with achievements off the table, I feel like my goals there are completed. I feel like it was a cool and engaging sandbox, but I’ve already played with all the toys there :) I’ve explored every bit of it, I’ve seen all the stories, met all NPCs, and I’ve defeated a big bad.

Pins is still gonna spend some time there. I may want to finish the remaining 5 rares, 5 daily quests, and of course kill Rustfeather until the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gyrowheel mount drops from it. But no daily routines for now, not until I’ve had a good rest from the island and miss them. Leaving it for lull?


In Nazjatar camp though I feel like the achievements are way more sensible, and meta-crab mount is already within my grasp. Every next day is a step forward with Micromantica, and I feel like making a significant progress towards completion. I’m fishing out the remaining puzzle world quests (2 to go!), collecting manapearls on my way to 1000, making a small run for hidden chests from time to time, leveling followers, visiting Mardivas lab weekly for a new amalgamation, and trying to cross out at least one more rare on a daily basis.

Other toons’ goals are making it to Exalted with Ankoan/Unshackled and leveling at least one follower to cap. Manapearls on the way boost their benthic gear – my goal is crossing the 400-405 ilvl threshold which I believe will be enough for the next tier. And raiding of course.


I’ve made some toon roster adjustments too. First, I’ve dismissed both of my Mag’har. I grew to unlike how transmogs look on them – due to their skin color which blends with most sets. Kargash the Fire Mage was dismissed completely, and Gorgul was race-swapped to a basic orc race. With Thrall back in the fold, I’ve rekindled my admiration with one of the most basic and classic orcish looks :) And that certainly means color green.


I’m collecting him the Blackrock Foundry mythic set now – it’s pretty savage, very bright compared to bleaker Honorbound gear, and red has always been cool in combination with green skins. In the picture above, his transmog is almost complete – I lack only the burning set belt which I’m now farming.

There was a doubt if I need two warriors… I’ve seriously thought of deleting one, and this thought was dismissed. Fearella the Goblin is too cool with her transmog, and her maces  commuting the brawler type… Who else is gonna smash bosses’ ankles and knees?! And I like how she fights, how she moves, how she’s everything. An awesome character I’m not ready to say goodbye to.


And no matter how I love the Fury spec, I don’t feel like it fits well with an orc. I’ve tried, and Gorgul is great with Arms and Protection. So yeah, these two can’t replace each other.

Raiding has left me with the thought that plate and leather armor toons are not in an equal position nowadays. With a click I’ve restored Anibell the Paladin, deleted at the beginning of BfA, and I’ve realised I missed retribution :)


Half of day played and with benthic gear, the absolutely naked toon is now on the rails with the others, and already had her first Eternal Palace run!

Now I’m thinking of bringing my 120 monk back in 15 days, considering the catch-up went so well. Most probably I’ll also race swap from Gnome to initiate Pandaren and make her a mistweaver – I remember I liked monk healing during Antorus very much.

Then I’ll have it this way:

  • Micromantica, Jellica, Myrki – cloth.
  • Melaris, Pins, Chitsuro – leather.
  • Nikkeli, Jagda, Schlitzchen – chainmail.
  • Gorgul, Fearella, Anibell – plate.

Is twelve toons my perfect number?

2 thoughts on “Trivia: Of Toons, Goals and Raiding

    • It was exactly like that in Legion. Classes and even specs had their own elaborate lore, so I just had to play all 36 specs, and had all 12 classes.

      Currently I don’t have a druid and a death knight. I’ve never felt really connected to their class lore, and gameplay of the few specs I like (Balance and Frost) seems quite boring. I’m thinking of returning a monk in the deck – that will be #12.


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