Final Vanilla Stress Test

Blizzard have announced the final stress test which will start on August, 8. Everybody with an active WoW account is encouraged to install the game, roll a toon and run around for a while. The cap level is 20.

What can I say? This might be exactly the Vanilla experience for me.

My first login in WoW happened somewhen in WotLK times – I remember painful downloading of patches and updates with slow internet and frostwyrm login screen. I’ve never seen Vanilla or Burning Crusade, so this might be an interesting experience.

I doubt that I will ever play Vanilla as I play actual content. Eye-ripping visuals, clumsy ability/talent systems, super-loooong everything will rest assured get me bored very-very soon. And yet I’m eager to take a glance at the game origins – the game that is my major hobby and leisure activity for many-many years. It’s gonna be a tourist trip – no more, no less. And this stress test is exactly what I need for this goal.

I’ll be rolling a gnome girl (ofc!) – either a mage or a rogue. We shall see how it will play out. I’m not expecting anything special, so I’ll enter the world with my eyes wide open and ready for adventure… as adventurous as the square polygons will let me :)

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