Azshara’s Eternal Palace: A Peep into Depths of the Devoted


The second wing is here, and yesterday I ran it with a healer and a ranged DPS.

Depths of the Devoted sports little trash mobs, which is a relief, and offers three encounters.

I don’t like lorewise what they did to Lady Ashvane. As I wrote before, she was an excellent villain within Tiragarde’s storyline, and she definitely had an immense story potential. Like with all Nazjatar, Blizzard let us guess what happened instead of presenting it in game. We are not aware how she got to the Queen after she was released from Tol Dagor facility. And it looks like Sylvanas dropped her right in Azshara’s hands, because by the time we arrive she already taught naga to make azerite weapons. Did Azshara and Sylvanas have a pact? Why? What’s her goal? I don’t like Priscilla’s scarce presence in Nazjatar itself. And – well, it’s just me – I believe that she must have been an Ursula-like mostrosity after transformation. Tentacles in the south area, and human up from the waist.

The encounter itself is quite fun though. I enjoyed the mechanics where you can break corals, and I liked the Carapace thingie. Not exactly new, as we’ve seen something like that from Highmaul’s ogre mage boss, but not that often too.

As proved today with my healer’s run, Ashvane can be tanked solo. Our bear endured 7 stacks (which were dropping him by 50% per hit), then somehow he managed to drop them, so we finished the encounter safe and sound. If you have a battle rez option, then you don’t need second tank for sure.

The encounter seemed to me wipe-safe. Quite comprehensible, and nothing super dangerous happens.

Orgozoa is a dangerous one. There are a couple of things to be noted. First, it’s wide pools to avoid – it’s fun actually, but if you miss them, it can kill you. The second thing is adds. A tank with stacks must soak all the pools that remain from them, or else it’s an instant wipe. Naturally adds should go down one by one, so that the tank can manage to get to them all. And tanks should swap before 10 stacks, or they’re toast.

I don’t get why Blizzard didn’t include naga in the second chamber. There are all the same zoatroid adds, so a run between rooms serves merely as a break. Second room is all the same in LFR. Meh, and we could definitely take more.

Basically it’s a tank encounter: make sure both are experienced or educated before pull, and you’ll make it, no sweat.

Queen’s Court is supposed to be a complex fight, but it appeared to be massively boring. There are many mechanics to follow, but they are super easy to perform. Run into the bubble. Kill adds with a 5-sec interval not to get massive damage. Keep bosses away from each other. Kill them within 10 seconds, or they heal. When boss targets you, share damage with others. I think that after Crucible of the Storms’ training it’s a sandbox.

Azshara is observing the encounter from the top and is trying to make it interesting, but not so much. I’ve spotted three types of things you should perform for her: keeping away from others players, covering pink pools, and not repeating the same spell two times in a row, or you get silenced.

Funny thing is, I was the only one which got killed on my first run. It wasn’t exactly my fault – in fact, following mechanics got me killed. A hunter got targeted by Pashmir’s charge, and I was the only one willing to share damage with him. When the boss charged, he put on hunter’s turtle carapace which made him immune – and I got all the damage to myself. I’ve explained it in chat and got rezzed, but now I know better.

All in all the boss is super boring. Mechanics get executed, there is no danger, and you just while away the time since 50%.


I wonder if it’s the reset day where most experienced players come into the fold – we’ll check this during the week on other alts. But I guess it’s the reason that Eternal Palace as a whole is way undertuned. I’ve heard complaints about Normal, so what can you say about LFR?

We require more challenge.

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