Trivia: Onwards to Meta

I’m eager to see where I’ll be in a month, because current achievement pace is pretty great :)

Today I dinged Exalted with the Waveblades:


Now I just need 250 pearls for the mount.

I’ve crossed out a couple of missing rares in the morning – a pair of snapdragons is down :) 14 rares to go for I Thought You Said They’d Be Rare.

Periodic Destruction requires 9/13 different elementals to kill at Mardivas’ Lab – this will take me exactly 9 weeks.

I’m 4 chest puzzles away from Puzzle Performer. There’s nothing you could to speed it up, just check puzzles on daily basis not to miss the ones you need.

I need ~350 more pearls for a Fistful of them.

Trove Tracker is supposed to be a one-sit journey with Wowhead.

Nothing to Scry About can be completed in an hour or a bit more if you have enough Scrying Stones on you. It’s the easiest thing to do if you have flights. Use a scrying stone in your inventory, and you get a 5-minute buff. Hover along the ground and check for the action button to appear – then you need to land and use it to reveal a chest. Hint: they are best found in buildings and other cozy corners, like coral flower beds. Often upon opening chests you will get a number of extra buffs: speed, prolonged scrying, and the best of all – chests are revealed on mini-map. You need 100 – I completed 50 of them in 30 minutes for 2 or 3 used stones from inventory.

Aqua Team Murder Force is simple: level 30 on all followers. I’m at 28/1/1 now, so it’s obviously a couple of months more. Hopefully everything else will be done already. (Btw, it’s a funny coincindence, but I’m watching ATHF series these days – the achievement name is an Easter Egg).

Things are surprisingly way worse at Mechagon – even if I didn’t miss a day there. There is a lot of random involved, and also a colossal number of Spare Parts which go literally everywhere. I think I should just focus on certain things, while also doing quests. No, I’m not resigning Pins out of the island’s daily duties yet!

Rares dropped me the missing couple of the rarest chain ingnitercoils, so it’s a yay when I could finish the tinkering project!


The mount is super-fun with an awesome special :) I wish it could roll forward on its wheels for a couple of seconds too.

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