Trivia: Raiding On

The second week of LFR’s first wing is expectedly a more successful one. While Blackwater Behemoth still remains to be the only wipe-dangerous boss here, the chances to actually lose there have reduced significantly. People just learned the couple of things to be executed, and the number of those who didn’t is scarce. So yay, we’re on farm!

Drops were good for my cloth and leather camps, bad for chainmail and plate armored guys. I still have an evening to bump them up a bit. But whatever, we have all the time in the world. It is really fascinating that you can get 8/9 set pieces from the first wing only!

This week will bring us the second wing, and I’m eager to advance through the raid, see the encounters. Hopefully it will be as fun as the first one. I really enjoy how your survival in the initial encounters of Eternal Palace depends on yourself. If you’re dead, you were playing silly :) It was fun to observe a mage typing in caps “HEAL” at Behemoth as the boss chipped him to death in a course of a minute :) If you not only didn’t learn tactics, but also ignored the chat where we explained it, well, who’s to blame. I’ve absolutely no mercy for his types.

Micromantica, as my flagship, is 3 days away from bringing her first Ankoan to 30 and his final leveling achievement. Then I will immediately switch to others. I wonder how different I will feel in the field, because my current guy of level 27 is a death machine.

300 points from Waveblade Exalted, and it’s a yay. Mount and tabard there.

Is camping rares a thing in Nazjatar and Mechagon? If I decide to work on the achievement, is it worth lurking at their spawn points, or is there a rotation of rares on a daily basis? I’d very much like to know that. I could presume you could hunt them all every day, because you can kill Rustfeather every day, but it’s not a sure thing to me.

I don’t manage to get all my toons through the raid during the week, nor I’m maximizing their advance through followers and reputation. I’m just having fun – like I said, we have all the time in the world. Pick a toon you feel like playing, queue, and do stuff in Nazjatar while waiting.

Nazjatar is a busy place considering many alts, and I don’t even have time for other emissaries. The rewards are actually great – I could get 6k of AP and a 415 armor for half an hour worth of world questing – but I’d rather prefer picking another alt for advance in Nazjatar and Eternal Palace.

The game is both tense and relaxed now. I think I’m in a good spot.

10 thoughts on “Trivia: Raiding On

  1. I’m focusing on rewards from world content over the raids and dungeons any more. More satisfying rewards for a heck of a lot less time investment. Oh, have you taken a glance at the Titan Residium vendor? LOL, they added a bunch of higher pieces certainly, but the costs make it laughable to any but those raiders that are scrapping the highest level gear.


    • Yes, emissaries are a nice way to raise ilvl if that’s the goal. For me it’s never been one. Eternal Palace, as all raids after first lore run, is about collections to me. So I’m happier for a 400 unlearned item even if I have a 420 on me, than a ring upgrade 375 -> 410.

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      • It’s funny, when Transmogging was introduced, and I was still on Twitter, it was common to see people saying grab the torches and pitchforks. I spent some time collecting pieces of gear so that I looked like one of the villagers from the old horror movies. And I farmed up the currency in the garrison farm to buy my pitchfork. It’s a look that clicked with me. Except for the guy in guild that always says I have my cowboy outfit on as a joke. I’ve never found a piece of gear that really made me want to farm the rest. I’m glad you are able to have a reason other than the story to run the content. I’m having a hard time even wanting to bother with the story. It doesn’t have the same feeling as it use too.


    • Not quite accurate. Raiders get their azerite armor straight from bosses. Titan residium vendor target audience is Mythic plus players (azerite armor does not drop from Mythic plus). Weekly Mythic plus chest contains residium in addition to item. It takes 3 weeks to buy 445 azerite armor piece when completing +10 key each week.

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  2. Nazjatar bodyguards award collectibles at level 20 (melee awards pet, archer awards mount, and caster awards toy), so it’s better to level all of them to 20 first, and only then to 30. If I’m not mistaken, Horde and Alliance bodyguards award different collectibles.


  3. I spent most of my last month in mechagon and there are different categories of rares. You can camp quite a few like rustfeather. They just spawn on a timer.

    There are several that onky show up on days that the drill rigs are there. I believe there is 6 different rigs. You just build thenor wait untik somebody else does and it will announce in chat which rig finished.

    There are several that onky show up when certain visitors are there that day for the daily. For example mylune shows up and has you regrow tree stumps. But there are also little white mushrooms next to some stumps that you can grow. Those have a cjance of growing huge and turning into one of the rares that drops a pet.

    One named the rusty prince only shiws up in the future timeline, so you need the blueprint to build a time displacer or wait until chromie visits for her questline.

    Quite a few show up or activate with some work or item. Oxidized Leachbeast will only show up in that fortress area when it is raining, which you can make it rain with an item drop from the mobs there.

    I would suggest looking at the wowhead guide on that zone for any specific rares you need for achievement or wanting their drops.

    It took me a few weeks but I finally got the achievement for killing all the rares! Now I just need to get all those darn blueprints, and vinyls, and collectable figures, and pets and mounts and toys hehe.

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