9.0. “Leaks”

I’ve read several “leaks” today, as many as three here:


Of course some of it may be true, but mostly people during leaks are pointing fingers at most popular opinions and basically fanservice. That is: what would they like to play at.

When I’m doing my own predictions, it’s based on logic, overall narrative patterns which I’m familiar in all types of media (not exactly WoW), and yes, fanservice is taken into consideration – cause Blizzard wants to please their audience.

I won’t repeat my own idea, as I’ve written about it before in posts and comments (short version: we fight N’Zoth in 8.3. -> Azeroth hatches in raid finale and leaves -> 9.0. is Bolvar/Helya/Sylvanas undead expansion). Death Realm maybe visited, but it’s not ALL expansion, because we’d hate to roam in bleak and dark colors for 2 years or even more.

The question though: are dragons that much of a fanservice? I’d never say so for myself. For me, the only dragon worth interacting is Chromie in a gnome form. Wherever they were involved, was super-boring, except for when they are raid bosses. But people seem to like them – a lot.

2 thoughts on “9.0. “Leaks”

  1. While getting a glimpse of possible future expansions is kind of cool to speculate on, my biggest concern is class design. I would be willing to play and expansion based on us all being Alpacas if they revamp my class into something that has some options on how to play that don’t require a weak aura to keep track of everything.


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