Trivia: Ding Rustbolt, Nazjatar Exploration & “Vanilla” Outfits

Just a quick streak of things going on.

Exalted in Mechagon

Today I dinged Exalted with Rustbolt Resistance! Frankly the journey was quite quick and pleasant, and there is a lot to do yet. Pins now sets her eye upon achievements – it will be a long way to go.

Rustbolt Exalted

The bad thing is: I need all the tinkering recipes for achievement and meta-achievement, and one of them (or even more) come from the dungeon. I’m putting this off for at least next patch – or maybe even next expansion. There is no way I’m farming it with current ilvl – I will return there way overpowered. Still it doesn’t stop me from completing everything else while the contentis current.

The Exalted mount is an air oppression unit, and it costs 419k gold – it’s not what I have, even on all Alliance alts. It’s gonna be later.

Achievements in Nazjatar

Surprisingly Nazjatar seems like an easier way to get achievements. It’s not what you could do in one seat either, but at least they are comprehensible and easy enough to complete.

I’ve completed a couple of them in two sessions though. The first one was feline figurines:


These are thumbnail-sized small figurines (what it says on the box) hidden all over Nazjatar. I suggest you don’t waste your time searching and go straight for Wowhead for clues. Or you could search them by yourself too. The cats are all hidden in caves – both underwater and not.

It’s actually easy to know if that’s the place you need. The cats are NEVER, ever in safe places. If you swim or walk into a cave and see your scanners go red from the enemy nameplates, then it must be a cave with a figurine. Normally you hit one, and all the room is coming for you. For my mage it was hell – surely kiting in the water is not easy if possible at all. For some of the harder spots – like fucking crabs – I died up to a couple of times, focusing on taking out at least two so that I deal with fewer number upon rez. Cat figurines is a suicidal mission :)

The other one was thought to be grindy, but it actually wasn’t :) I’m talking about Terror of Tadpoles. The deal is: go to Bloodfin Village, and among other murlocs you will see their “friendly” kids which you can interact with. Clicking on a tadpole is the required “shooing”, it’s a cast, but it cannot be interrupted (a relief!). Once you start shooing tadpoles, you will get a debuff which will lure not only nearby murlocs, but also those appearing out of thin air. Hence, a lot of fight is include

I thought this would be grindy and annoying, but it actually was very fun. My follower of level 22 cuts any murloc in half with two-three blows, and AoE is what mages excel at to cope with the incoming creatures. And the pace of it is awesome. I already had 22 “shoos” from doing world quests, and while waiting for an LFR queue – it was barely 25-30 minutes – I went up to 94. Naturally I’ve finished the achievement in a couple of minutes after the raid. Check!

Nazjatar Exalted is on its way, 15/21 and counting.

Raid Reset

I had a couple of runs yesterday in LFR. Micromantica has won a couple more cloth pieces (6/9 of the set now!), crossing out Blackwater Behemoth from cloth equation. Gorgul had received one new plate item while testing Arms spec in raid environment. Arms looks and feels awesome, but I’m struggling with rotation. Buttons are plenty, and I need to set up my priorities, I’ll even go and read about it.

We had an unexperienced tank, but we managed through the wing without wipes. The bosses are really simple, you just have to follow a couple of easy tactics. Hopefully in a month it will be boring when most people learn them. I like boring!

“Vanilla” Sets

This is a funny idea that I had for a while, but only today I actually prepared screenshots to illustrate it :)

People that want to play in Vanilla sometimes forget that transmogrification is… absent. You can hide nothing, and you will look like a clown. I’ve made a gallery of my toons to see how they would look like in their current gear without transmog (spoiler: ugly). Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I challenge you to show your transmog/without transmog sets :)

3 thoughts on “Trivia: Ding Rustbolt, Nazjatar Exploration & “Vanilla” Outfits

  1. Congrats on Exalted. I will say that Naz is soooo much better with flying. I’m not going to stress about getting exalted, I think even if I get both I will be at 98/100, so next expansion for sure.

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