Trivia: Back into the Game

Woo-hoo! My laptop is up and running again – it appeared to be crashed BIOS. So I’m back in the game, and not a moment too soon: the trip to Eternal Palace of Azshara has began!


I’ve launched all my forces I could during Sunday through the first wing. It’s been Micromantica, Kargash and Jagda of the ranged camp, Pins for melee, Gorgul for a tank and Jellica as a healer.

I have left Myrki the Warlock, Nikkeli the Hunter, both goblin girls (Fury / Enhancement) and Melaris the Demon Hunter. I probably won’t manage to get them all through before cooldown reset, but at least I’ll try.

I had the most successful drop rate – my cloth toons have gathered 4/9 set items, other armor types got 2 each, and I also won both daggers – caster’s and rogue’s. I’m not saving my extra drop tokens – once the other wings open, I want to minimize the number of gear models required from the first one. Also I’ve won the scary fish pet from Behemoth :)

And thus my traditional race of collecting raid gear has began. I wonder how long it takes this time – hopefully by Blizzcon I’ll get it done. Until all sets are collected, it’s becoming my priority core activity once again.


I’ve decided I’m not wasting manapearls for benthic gear on any toon but Micromantica. Micromantica wants benthic gear for its open world bonuses: increased chance of collecting Nazjatar-associated items, because she works on achievements.

When other toons will have all of their armor-type benthic appearances, I stop wasting manapearls on them. They will suit up for the next content in the raid, despite all the possible upgrades. I guess the 400-405 ilvl will be more than enough for the next tier.


I’ve worked out what I need for the lab achievement. You come every week and activate one of the following combinations to summon a certain elemental:

Lesser Blue + Greater Blue: Osgen
Lesser Blue + Greater Yellow: Zomera
Lesser Blue + Greater Red: Omus
Lesser Yellow + Greater Blue: Spawn of Salgos
Lesser Yellow + Greater Yellow: Herald of Salgos
Lesser Yellow + Greater Red: Salgos the Eternal
Lesser Red + Greater Blue: Xue
Lesser Red + Greater Yellow: Moghiea
Lesser Red + Greater Red: Ungormath

Plus you need every small and every big crystal separately. The achievement will take 13 weeks to complete, I’m at 4/13 now.

Reputation and Followers

With nearly a week of delay, I’m at 16/21 with Mechagon and 12/21 in Nazjatar. It is still my daily routine on two toons. As planned, I’m not doing Mechagon for any other alt but Pins, and Nazjatar will get crawled up by alts during LFR queues. I’m not skipping its emissaries – that’s for sure.

I’m not sure if I need to level all followers on alts. Surely Micromantica will do all of them for achievements, and probably a Horde alt too to check the faction rewards, but I don’t feel like I’m leveling them for everybody. Actually followers make difference in the open world. My Bladesman Inowari of level 20 hits very hard now, so he’s a great help.

Alt Management

There was one important switch after the raid: Gorgul has decided that he will not tank Eternal Palace. The raid is awesome, but I didn’t find tanking routine here fun – at least not for me. Maybe I will tank further raids, but I will sit this one out as DPS.

I switched to Arms, and oh boy, isn’t it awesome. Orcs are just betrothed with two-handed axes, animations and vibe are simply amazing, and it does not feel slow at all. To my liking there are too many buttons for a common rotation, but I will manage. It is also quite powerful, I felt very confident and deadly in Nazjatar.

I had to sacrifice a bit of ilvl – changing 3 items to benthic, from 395-400 to 385, and grabbing a simple warfront axe of 370, the only 2H weapon I got saved. Well, it’s not the end of the world, and I’ll quickly win my ilvl back. At least I’m quite happy now :)


The patch is now fully complete, with raid once again shining over the rest of activities, and it’s quite fun to play :) Once exalted, I’m looking towards achievements. There’s a long way to go and lot of things to do.

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