Got the Crimson Tidestallion!


…and it’s an absolute beauty. There are a couple more recolors – Fabious and a dark version for PvP badges, but I think this is the best one.

Switching to War Mode worked like a clock: upon my return from Stormwind the Tidestallion immediately appeared in the vendor stocks. So, a quick trade with murlocs, and it’s mine :) Tip for you all: check murloc vendor goods on a daily basis both with WM off and WM on.

It’s an underwater-only mount (which could have been guessed). My underwater choice is still with Margoss’ fish, because I like how smoothly it swims. The seahorses are a bit bumpy.

Yet it’s an achievement, and the one that goes in Nazjatar meta. Check!

P.S. Now I need some insane amount of Chain Ignitercoils to craft Mechagon’s mounts. Worst drop so far.

6 thoughts on “Got the Crimson Tidestallion!

  1. With the vendor item unlock I’m using the Crimson Tidestallion as my mount in Nazjatar. It will even fly if you have that unlocked. It’s quite amusing to watch the animations as you fly around from point to point.

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